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Have You Met Her

Friends have been complaining that I don't post much nowadays. Tired la after 9 years on the net. Don't feel like talking about stocks cause you get no credit and just get whacked whether a stock goes up or down - up (oh he works with syndicates), down (he is useless). Of course I can take the high road and say I couldn't care what haters say, but at the end of it, why do it at all. Might as well keep quiet. 

I do not allow adverts so I don't get paid a cent no matter how you cut it. Plus certain authorities do monitor what you post (on stocks) and its not to give me a prize if you know what I mean. So its not worth it.

Then my friends say that I should at least go back and do postings which got my blog popular in the first place - i.e. good selection of pretty Asian girls' photos. So here's Sabina Altynbekova. I know we would all be volleyball fans if we can just watch her play for Khazakstan. She is 20 this year and stands at 6 foot.


Andrew said…
I feel for you man.... on the stock part, of course. But do know, there are countless others who are very appreciative of your work.
ktsk88 said…
Dali, no need bother what others said or comments, just post whatever you deem fits and the rest of us can judge the particulars stocks selection on our own. We will do a research of that stocks before jumping in and so far for the past years that I have been following your blogs, all the stocks did shine, some didn't turn out as expected though but i am not blaming you at all.

Keep posting and appreciate your credits to the investment circle.
bruno said…
Well,if it is only winners and winners only,then there will not be a single soul working for anybody.Everybody will be bosses,even the Banglas working here will become bosses.For those who want only winners,I know of a snakeoil merchant who sells coins with a heads I win and tails you lose on either sides.

By the way,my crude oil recommendation to one of your readers question got deleted by mistake.The whole posting got lost.At least crude oil did not break 20 bucks.I would be really shocked if it did break 20 bucks.It did break 25 bucks and rallied back,and now consolidating above 30 bucks.If it holds above 25-30 bucks,by June-September,could be around 50 bucks or higher.All the experts screaming for ten bucks means a bottom is close.Of course,my recommendation comes with the disclaimer trade at your own risks.

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