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Me & You & A Dog Named Boo

As far as photos posted on Instagram go, they don't get much cuter than this. Tokyo, Japan-based mother Aya Sakai has been charting the adventures of her young son and his best friend, which just happens to be a French Bulldog, using the popular photo sharing app. Whether they're cuddling on the couch or watching tv on a cushion, the two just can't seem to get enough of each other. The relationship will remind you of the sweet 88-year-old grandmother and her cat, as well as Haru and Mina, those incredibly cute brothers growing up in Japan. Adorable beyond words!


chewltg said…
Dali, thanks for this jewel.The bond between the two souls is just magic. How about indulging us with a few photos of your own darling, which should be about two or three years old by now.
bruno said…
The US debt ceiling will be most probably be settled and raised by this weekend,latest by Monday.The market has caught the act(poker game)and rallied before the fact (announcement).It will most likely to spike early next week before "Fat Mama" join in the chorus.I went short on a quarter position to add the rest most probably by next week.

If only our politicians were to be as loyal as our family dogs and cats and not fight day and night.And not to forget our tropical fishes too(good for feng shui).Have a nice weekend folks.
panaceaasia said…
Hi Dali,

What is your take on the white knight in Silver Bird rescue forgetting the 150% profit condition?

According to the Edge on 7 Oct 2013: "The condition was inadvertently omitted from the original announcement"
bruno said…
While the spouses are fighting down to the wire,burning the midnight oil,the S&P futures are down nearly 14 pts.We took profits at 12 pts leaving some at the table.Let us enjoy the Kobe beef and wait for the relief rally which will come sooner than later.
bruno said…
Just went long usd/yen.Stops at 97.01 with target at 105.A break under 97.00 and usd/yen will be vulnerable to low 90's.Enjoy the spoils of the spouses fighting day and night.
bruno said…
The S&P from being down 16 pts to up 6 pts now.Street smarts or just plain lucky?Even my family dog can tell that the debt ceiling will be raise and there will be a rally in world stocks.Or else the world economy and stock markets will come down like rocks falling from the skies.

But am I brave enough to get long this market which is almost in uncharted territory.No way.I would rather let it go up as high as the moon and try to get short from there.Hey,12 pts is 3k,depending on how many contracts one has in a partial or full position.

Like I said many times before,being wrong most of the time and able to make money feels much better than being right and lose money most of the time.To me being right or wrong or hitting a home run is of no importance.Just having being stopped out on a 1 pic profit and I am a happy camper,just as long as the guy taking an opposite position do not take a single cent of my hard earn money.But of course,most traders know that losing is just part of the game.

As long as we are making money being wrong most of the time,we are still riding strong in the game.One of these days we will catch the big one and make a home run.So until then,we can sit and wait patiently under the pondok,waiting for the good variety durians to fall.

And to add icing to the cake our long usd/yen is in the money.Like I always said,the trading gods have a way of rewarding the hardworking and the brave.
bruno said…
Aussie has had all the time it needed to rally to .9700.It has been almost two months now since it rallied from around .8850.It is now around .9530.Just gone short the Aussie,betting for a double top.Stops at .9701.

Usd/Yen stops moved to breakeven at 98.25.
bruno said…
If our Aussie bet is correct then most probably our analysis of the Usd/Yen is wrong.We cannot hit an exacta/forecast at the same time on both trades,as these two usually go opposite directions.That is the reason the Usd/Yen stops moved to break even so early.
bruno said…
We just got stopped out in long Usd/Yen at breakeven.Also took profits on short Aussie for 30 pics profit.The Aussie is hanging tough and wants to go up.

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