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About Time We All Watch About Time

I like time travel movies, whats not to like ... the ability to move back and forth to change things to our favour. The Back To The Future series were a lot of fun, Steven Speilberg at his story-telling best. This led to my top comedy movie of all time, Groundhog Day, starring the unlikely pair of Andie Macdowell and Bill Murray. If you haven't seen Groundhog Day, you are missing something huge. It talks about a "nasty mean spirited person" being trapped in the same day over and over again. Everything is the same except for him. It requires him to play with the permutations, making the right choices and damn hilarious along the way.

There is a new movie out also about time travel, but this one is by Richard Curtis, who was quite brilliant helming Love Actually. Its along the 4 Wedding & A Funeral genre but only more meaningful.

Only the males in this family can travel back in time but with a few caveats and rules. It is not supposed to be an all out comedy but there were a few laughs. What was more important was the story line which makes us think very hard about our own life and what we would do if given the same gift. You know what, we all arrive at the same conclusions as the main characters. Richard Curtis did magnificently in fleshing out the characters of the main roles, you end up knowing and feeling for them.

Its a wonderful movie about regrets, second chances, living each day well, loving fully and then letting go. It has to do with coming to terms with the bitchiness of life in that it has to end someday (take religion and God out of the equation for now). 

The most beautiful thing about the story, the passage of love between the two main characters ... and the most immense and heartfelt love between the son and the father.

You will have the most wonderful lesson ever ... "live each day ... as if you have chosen from the future to travel back to this day ..." because if you do that, you will live each day "better" with more gratitude, appreciation.

Go watch it, its brilliant, the cast and acting the same.


lai said…
The problem with most 'modern' ppl is that they wish their life would be better in the future without realising subcon iously that the best time in life is actuallly right now, at this very moment.

If not, why ppl always keep mentioning 'the good ol' days'?
ronnie said…
My favourite time travel movie is the Hong Kong movie featuring the two Tony Leongs in which they play father and son. The son is always angry with his father for not having achieved more in life. He falls into a manhole and travels back in time to Hong Kong in the 60s. To the neighbourhood where he grew up. To learn the truth about his father.

He learns that although his father may not be a financial success, he has the respect of his friends and neighbours. More importantly, his father is a good man.
bruno said…
It is all about time,just about time or rather about timing.It is just a matter of time to be able to have a nice dinner of Kobe beef for a gathering of friends.

Just wait for the congress to raise the debt ceiling.A relief rally follow by crowd mentality euphoria will spur the markets to new highs.When the herd is all in the bullpen and ready to be loaded onto the trailers,the fat lady will sing.Have a nice weekend,guys and gals.
Unknown said…
Time is a Human Invention but if we compare our lifetime with the lifetime of the earth, our human lifetime is only equivalent to less than a split second of the earth's lifetime. It is tantamount to nothing....

Hence Buddha's teaching of nothingness. Look at your posessions, in less than a split second they become nothing when compared to nearly a billion years ago which is the age of the earth. So money is nothing..Your car is nothing..They are just what you see because your time is slowed by a factor of millions. You are all living in a frame by frame world..Not Real.
Kevin Wong said…
Be it nothing or everything-just enjoy time! Time will pass no matter how one's feels.
ck said…
Bil Keane, the famous cartoonist in the 1970-80, once quoted “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift if God, which is why we call it the present”. We can gain experience from the past, but we cannot relive it.

Take the case of mismanagement of public funds as highlighted in the AG reports, we can’t go back and rectified the problems. Common sense will tell us this is not right and we must take concrete steps to improve and learn from our past mistakes.

Inaction will encourage cancerous cells to breed faster and eventually spread to the vital organs. Right dosage of medicine must be administered now before it is too late.

Giving lame excuses and suggestion of another committee to look into the issues only serve to delay the transformation of civil service into a better and more efficient organisation.

I always believe that the future depends on what you do today.
Russ said…
Hey Dali,

Good friends at university shared with me this new genre of music : How about God’s Dance Floor by Chris Tomlin ?
Bohmiah Kia said…
hope you enjoy this ... sigh:
Mad Investor said…
Just watched it. Really good show.

If u haven;t yet watched it,
The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)is another GREAT time travel movie.

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