Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Have You Been To GERAI, the Food Loft???

Love it when entrepreneurs take the well known and tries to do it better. Its tough to even consider trying a cafe concept serving all hawker top hits. You know very well that the hawkers do single dishes only and have years of experience to perfect them or have handed down recipes.

Despite all that hurdles, I must say that most of the dishes @ Gerai are much better than the stuff you get out there. Of course they are not here to be the #1 for every bloody hawker dish. Plus for the quality (usually 8/10 stuff) its very reasonable indeed, a lot cheaper than Madam Kwan. 

 I am there at least once if not twice a week as its very close to BFM office, so the bunch of hools are there often. I love their Hainanese Chicken rice (8.5/10), top notch, the Mamak mee (8/10) is refreshing, not as heavy as the ones you get outside and much much less MSG .... their daily tong suis are pretty good too.

Other hits include the Nasi lemak with a vg curry chicken (9/10). Laksa (7.5/10) and mee rebus (7/10) are solid too. Yang chow fried rice (8.5/10), pork noodle soup (8.10) ...

So, if you are near BU or Shah Alam ... pop by. 


p/s  all write ups and reviews were done without owners' permission and no gratuities or payment or payment in kind were given


jinkhang said...

Yes I go to the one in Setia Alam all the time!

Highly recommended.

solomon said...

Not bad, just visited. Ipoh taste.

Me Me Tan said...

I would say some food are fine but not all.

Despite the good, there are some not-so positive comments too.

I encountered the fried tao-pok, the meat wasn't cooked. My colleagues shared the same experience twice. No apology at all, only commercial attitude that "we will replace next time you come".

The waiters not so friendly. During lunch rush hour, not so quick response.

You couldn't find anything except chicken & egg in their "red wine meesua". The noodles were oily.

However, a credit to the Pork Soup Noodle even though it is a bit salty. Too bad, they replaced the pig liver by the egg. Reason given was not so many people like pig liver. But, I thought "chu-yuk fun" should have pig liver?

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