Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taxis In Malaysia, Emblematic Of our Woes

The moment I got back, was greeted by a vicious queue for taxis, bought the stupid ticket for RM80 and had to throw away because the queue was nearly an hour's wait ... they said it was due to renovation being done to some parts of the road/building. B.S. The whole system is controlled. If you have a system, make sure it works, you do not want the first impression to be bad for tourists arriving in KL.

Had to dash for the KLIA Express instead, but its the first time it was full, can you believe it. Some had to stand. Something is not right. Even if you have a controlled airport taxi system, you should be flexible in that when there are not sufficient airport taxis, there should be a marshal or two to guide other normal taxis to take passengers away from the airport. I am sure you can take a higher percentage of the fare from these taxis, and they'd still be willing to ferry passengers instead of going off empty.

It is so stupid.

How much money we spend on advertising for tourism a year? Malaysia Truly Asia, B.S. ... till a visitor tries to get a cab and get charged RM50 for a 5km trip.

Why can't we rectify this mess? We can spend billions building Putrajaya and Cyberjaya but we cannot solve the taxis system. We can spend billions on Nusajaya and we cannot solve the taxis problem. The taxis issue is emblematic of what is wrong with corporate Malaysia, or anything to do with money.

The government cannot do anything because there are warlords controlling various taxi groupings. Are they so important and threatening that we cannot better the system for all? Why do we farm out taxis into "influential groups" and then shrug our shoulders when we know it needed to be fixed? We are always at the mercy of these VIPs who somehow "knows the right people" that makes it OK to leave the country in a mess.

Where is the political will? I guess there is none as we dice and slice portions of the industry to you know who and who you know. Then we cannot do anything when we want to better the system. You can replicate the taxi issue with almost every other sub sector of any industry in the country. There are always vested interests everywhere.

We have to grow up, if you do not do it, the people will do it for you one way or another. My prediction, the ruling party will be lucky to win more than one state in the peninsula in the upcoming election. Mark my words.


jeremy tan said...

They should follow Singapore. Taxi drivers in Singapore are so well managed and not to mention they are very friendly as well.

Newbie said...

Malaysia has a cancer and it's called Barisan Nasional.

If don't cut off this cancer Malaysia is doomed forever.

This country is deteriorating at rapid speed.

Let's see what will happen in the next GE.

Ivan said...

Sad with the incident happened at airport. . time to change. .

Welcome back to M'sia. .

jackofalltrades said...

As long as the monopoly of airport taxi does not end, don't expect any good service from those taxi drivers. I remember at Singapore airport, passengers wait for taxis indoor. At KLIA, we have to queue outdoor, inhale all the carbon monoxide and endure the heat. I took an airport taxi from London Heathrow last year. The taxi driver was an old man. Yet, he hurried down to help me carry the luggage into his taxi. Here I carry my own luggage 9 out of 10 times.

Shadow said...

The reason that it has deteriorate to such sad stage for the taxi sector is because the decision makers do not use the service, the warlords that control the taxi network do not use the service too. It is all about making money, they dont care if it makes sense or not.

lai said...

Missing ur local food???

Btw, there's this "liew" place in Ipoh oldtown call Tong Ki that serves homemade liew. Go there before 10a.m for the freshest stuff and washed down with hot white coffee.

Life is awesome. Choose to be positive.

zen cat said...

"In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve" Alexis de Tocqueville.

This sorry bunch is what we Malaysians, collectively, over decades have voted into power. That, like it or not, is the painful fact.

By the way, interesting fact to note, there are <2 million tax payers in this country (income tax) out of a population of 29 million. So, only 6% are paying into the system, little wonder things are so f**ked up....typical Malaysian attitude is "if it's not mine/I'm not paying for it...then to hell with it"

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