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Diabetes Awareness Day


primepeng said…
half of the people has no apparent symptom and is happy
Siva said…
Hi Dali,
Can you tell me where you got the graphic/data on Diabetes? I have a company developing a device as an warning system for hypoglycemic attacks and they could use this info.
Yik WF said…
Half of the people has no apparent symptom and happy....... till the they get hemiplegic from stroke or heart failure from heart attack. Please advise your close ones who are 50 and above to do annual blood checkup. It can be done with RM1 in any Government Klinik Kesihatan. Just walk in and tell them you want to do body checkup. They'll check for diabetes with lipid profile (cholesterol, LDL, HDL etc) for you.
Yik WF said…
half of the people has no apparent symptom and is happy... till they get hemiplegic from stroke and heart failure from heart attack, both thanks to diabetes. Please advise your close ones to do annual blood checkup, esp those above 55 years old. Walk into any Government Klinik Kesihatan, tell them u wana check for cholesterol and diabetes. U need to pay only RM1, those above 60 is free.
. said…
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. said…
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James said…
I have many articles on my health blog. Two of the articles on diabetes which may be of interest to the readers are:

1. Beat the stroke out of diabetes

2. Managing Diabetes So It Can Be Cured

Also, if you eating out a lot in KL, read this:

Recycled Oil used in KL

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