Monday, November 12, 2012

Sydney Day 1 (Morning/Noon)

Great smooth flight, nary a hitch, the winds were behind us all the way we made the trip in 6 hr 50 min instead of 8 hr, amazing. Taxi cab flag fall was at A$3.80 (RM12.50) and the 12km trip to Kings Cross cost A$52 (RM165). Nice...

Now time to pick up my car rental. If you plan to drive, you should anyway, its brilliant and you cannot get a better deal than Bayswater Car Rental, the one with the "No Birds" tagline. Don't ask why they have that tagline. All in it only cost A$33 odd per day inclusive of insurance.

The guy at the front desk was from Thailand, we chatted about Thai politics, and then gave me a really good deal. The car I have had JUST 12km on it, ...  it came in yesterday. Now I know what its like to be a high ranking UMNO-putra seeking out corporate deals from Ministry of Finance and EPU.

Landed a bit too early to check in the hotel, so grabbed a hot ham and cheese croissant from Infinity Bakery @ Darlinghurst, plus a flat white and headed for Centennial Park, should be sparse this early in the morning. What better way to enjoy breakie than with the animals and fauna.

Some friends commented why go to Sydney during summer ... well cause the weather's perfect, December/Jan are the worst months. Nov is still good, landed in the morning with 18C, sun shining bright, no sweating 24C in afternoon .... dipping to 18C by 6pm and probably 14C come midnight.

Finally checked in, many wondered why I did not stay in the city. Its silly to stay in the city, parking is horrendous, probably cost you A$80 a day. I am staying at Coogee, Crowne Plaza, have a look at the view from my room, the  you'd understand why. Anyway, its just 20 minutes from the city.


Sydney Guy said...

Hi Dali,

I have been a silent reader of your blog for about 3 or more years now. You might be wondering who the visitor from Sydney NSW is if you check your visitors status on the right of your page, an Australian flag stands out almost every other day at around the same time as I am posting this message.

No, I am not stalking you, lol. To cut the story short, I would love the chance to meet up with you, have a coffee or something, if you are free, since you're in Sydney. I am pretty much very alike you, Malaysian, I enjoy my soccer, although not an MU fan, am working in finance, fan of surrealist painter Salvador Dali and love Asian girls more than western girls?!

Send me a msg if you are interested. I swear I am not an insurance or MLM salesman nor am I gay or waiting to ambush and rob you, lol

Salvatore_Dali said...

sydney guy,

give me yr phone number, email to

ronnie said...

Yo. What happened to Day 2?

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