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What If There Was A Cure (Preventive As Well) For Alzheimer's

It all has to do with ketones in coconut oil. No one has much to gain from promoting this, there are no pills to sell. Chinese have avoided coconut oil (lemak) in curries and other stuff for fear of high cholesterol. Ask your doctors for the fuller picture about LDL and HDL. Plus, its not COCONUT JUICE, its the fleshy white part that produces the oil people. So, go for your lemak curry and kuih talam with gusto.


Subba Rao said…
Coconut oil is good, so is red palm oil. I read the following site, good info:
Remnant 888 said…
Read this before ..
It's the uncooked and slightly cooked (not burnt or kena goreng siap siap) coconut milk/oil that's beneficial...
So kuih talam, chendol and santan sorbet would score well.. Investors need eat and drink more.. cheers..!

Another thing, I've seen another documentary that cyling also helps, by coercing thermal activity in the brain.
There was this cylist who strapped his friend to a tandem bike and they rode for hours. And his friend showed remarkable improvement in his handwriting thereaffter...
green said…
Any coconut stock?
ninja turtle said…
Dali, How can I download this clip so that I can show to my wife and others.
MP said…
here's her website/blog

glad to know the santan in my diet is doing some good ;)
MP said…
ooops she actually has a proper website

i also remember a korean movie about a young woman with AD ... search youtube for "a moment to remember" ... very touching
Serendipity said…
'i also remember a korean movie about a young woman with AD ... search youtube for "a moment to remember" ... very touching'

Hehe....there's an even better,recent production, also korean, titled " A Thousand Days Promise"... search Dramacrazy or Kimchidrama, it comes with more than adequate english subtitles.

Cold pressed, organic coconut oil is also one of the best oil for high heat cooking as it has the highest smoking point.
fusion said…
For those who can afford, check this out. I have seen 3 cases of marked improvement in their motor skills.

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