This Is Talent... Liyana Fizi Tonight @ NoBlackTie

9.30pm, RM30

Liyana Fizi plays acoustic tunes tinged with a mix of folk and bossa. Gaining acknowledgment for her melodic songwriting, the singer made her first debut as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella. Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple. Currently singing and playing rhythm guitar as a solo artiste since September 2009, Liyana performs with her permanent band of sessionists, and takes a vast interest in using music as an outlet for expression.
Liyana will be performing songs from her acclaimed debut album, Between The Lines.


Was at the launch of her album last night, what a splentastic show it was. I must say Liyana was 100x prettier in person than her pictures. But all that was immaterial when this singer songwriter started playing. Enjoy, what a talent.


Micheal said…
dear DAli,
whereabouts can i get her CD?
Micheal said…
dear Dali,
whereabouts can i get a copy of her CD???
Salvatore_Dali said…

can order online , click link... or wait a week or so for them to hit the stores
MP said…
pretty girl & quite good singer ;)

i watched the first vid on youtube & saw a "yuna" in the related vids. thought it was yuna ito ... LOL i was so wrong!!

turns out yuna is another young m'sian singer songwriter slugging it out in the states & doing well too. love her voice.

hope liyana walks the same path

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