Now and Then - Leslie/Anita vs Eason/Denise

Talk about pushing the envelope here. Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui shook the earth when they did their song. In a tribute to them, Eason Chan and Denise Ho upped the ante and it was a highly sensual, risque, erotic even, but magnificent performance.


wizardteo said…
Both are very profesional singer. A little funy parts in there but require some imagination, the upside video. The girl say "how dare you EAT MY BEANCURB(chi wo dou fu), I will bite your lip to revenge" but the man knew that so he turn he head always "I no know",
However, at the last period, it was "delicious" so the girl took the initiative to kiss again.

The bottom video show he again EAT MY BEANCURB(chi wo dou fu), she hold the man hand tight, at the last period, the girl move away from he to show distant but he take the girl hand very tight, so she try to shake and manage at last, just for fun. I apologize to you if I had accidentaly make you dislike, Do face is so important than What so hard to apologize if it is from a true heart?

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