Risk Appetite Lowest Ever Since 1982

Typically, the relief rally from such “deep panics” (4th time since 1981) ~ 10 - 15% from the lowest point. Research note from Credit Suisse.

Yesterday our Global Risk Appetite Index hit an all time low of -5.77. The previous deep panics were in August 1982, October 2002 and November 2008.


Samsung said…
well that's "good" news for "cash is king" folks I suppose but examine the previous deep panic event, the market (DJ and MSCI in my review) retreated to about the prior lower level but now the market is still at the post-2009 high. my very layman theory is this(un)ochestrated global risk potential involving PIIGS debt risk, US debt risk and BRIC weakening (CN hard landing) is unprecedental and could mean <-6 on scale may happens??