Nostalgic Trip

Found some songs that I particularly liked from the 30s till the 60s, the so called golden era for Shanghai themed / early movies Chinese melodies. Take a trip back to an era when we weren't even around, its so pure and clear, what a wonderful era for music.

Mona Fong's near perfect English diction and exquisite Yeh Lai Siang

Tsin Ting's heart wrenching biggest hit

and my all time favourite from the 30s-60s Chinese songs of yesteryear, by Wu Ying Yin


walla said…
Many thanks; brings back memories of old times @ BBPark, KL.
Justin Choo said…
Hi Daly

Fantastic. I am a banana. Chinese no read and no speak. But I used to live in Chinatown with the Rediffusion blasting all day long, playing many of these songs.

These are my favourites too. My favourite Astro channel is 866 Melody.

Thanks for the posting.