Monday, August 29, 2011

Irresistible Devils

Even as Manchester United was winning titles and cups over the last 5 years, something was missing, it was a good team but not great. This year had the same feeling as in the early 90s when the team was made up of mostly young guns. Except that I think the young guns this time is even better than Butt, Scholes, Nevilles and Beckham ... except for Giggs, no one can be better than Giggs.

All the highlights:

As much as I like Evra, Silvestre, Ferdinand and Vidic, they are out and out defenders, give them the ball they would only know to whack it up or pass to a midfielder. Seriously only Vidic should get back his place when he is fit. The marked difference is the number of interceptions by the backline, and the way they move the ball forward almost immediately and not just squaring it. The energy is palpable. Ashley Young was soooo goood. Cleverly is a star in the making. Smalling and the rest of the young guns were more than adequate. 

Even the petulant and greedy Nani can be forgiven as his stroke of brilliance can turn games. Berbatov will have a hard time making it back to the team.

Is United good enough to challenge Barca yet? Who is? Barca is in a world of its own.  

I really pity Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans as they seriously don't deserve this kind of scoreline. Why 8-2 ... it was because its an open game of football, the way MU always play. You can score against us but we will score more. Love it, not pure checkbook team like the bloody City or Chelski. You can see Wenger ageing 10 years as the match progressed. He doesn't deserve this, he has been an excellent manager, the owner is just too tight with funds. No need to change manager, change the owner.


Subba Rao said...

It is going to be an interesting season.

random said...

yeah.. it's been a while since a man utd team excites me as much as this team..

i mean like wow..

Andy said...

Somehow I tink AF was grinning inside when he saw arsenal's first team sheet. It was a expected scoreline given the number of young unheard of names in the team... But expect Wenger to turn them to stars in a few years' time, as usual...

KAI said...

Wenger has to be held responsible. He could have done a lot few years back and stop our best players from leaving.

Look how Almunia cost Arsenal game after game. Wenger could have bring in Shay Given(he definitely wont want to sit on city bench) few seasons ago but he choose to have faith in Alumia and the youngsters Fabianski and Mannone. Van Persie had been ask Wenger to sigh Van der Vaart publicly(Spurs only sign him for 8m!). Again, Wenger choose to stick to his own 'philosophy' and believe in the likes of Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, etc.

And only Wenger tolerates Arshavin. Look how Ferguson treats Berbatov. Thats should be the case.

The board actually do give him some money every season. Its not alot, around the region of 30m, but should be enough to improve the squad with RIGHT players. He dint do that.

Sigh, its all too late now. We Arsenal fans really appreciate him. But he cant turnaround the club. He has to go.

Loo said...

I am not an MU fan but the team really is a mean goal-scoring machine...judging from this game!

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