What A Speechmaker ... What A Leader

As I am writing this, Obama is only halfway through his State of the Union address. At a time when Americans have kind of lost track of Obama's vision and "change" mantra, they have a kind of disconnect to the whole thing. At a time when the media cast doubts over Obama's plans to tax the banks, impose new regulations to control them, at a time when Main Street thinks the government is losing its fight to reprimand and teach Wall Street a lesson ... it wasn't easy for Obama.

Choi Ji Woo

I have posted on how and why Obama is such a great speechmaker - you can learn most of it, but you cannot learn how to connect. He is not only charismatic, he does not seem artificial at all. In the end, you trust him more because he connects all the dots of your concerns.

Obama's speech is genuine sounding, he made sure that he connected to the everyman in smaller towns, just count the number of small towns he mentioned. He also did not gloss over the realities, that he knows things are not all that rosy, that things put in place are working and that all should be in the same boat.

We have to remember that the media is still largely controlled by Republican-leaning people. In one simple sentence, Obama's contentious tax on big banks gains huge acceptance - when these banks asked for bailouts, and in less than a year are preparing to reward themselves with a huge bonus pool... Obama's tax on them does not seem so bad, especially when it is going to support a jobs bill to create jobs and sustain lending to small businesses.

He did not alienate the Republicans but will put them up to be on the same side to lift the US out of their difficulties. More importantly, Obama has showed all that HE is still very much in CONTROL, that he is still on top of the matters that concerns all, and that he is still addressing the major issues effectively, decisively and continuously.

He punctuates his speech with strong convincing ideas, logic and persuasiveness that is hard to shake off. Well, you can cast a lot of market doubts on Obama government's thrust to reform banking, ability to create jobs, the ability to lift the economy out of the doldrums, and the ability to maintain a stricter fiscal prudence to eliminate deficit ... in one fell swoop, Obama has literally dusted all those concerns off with aplomb and credibility. He reminded all on the cohesiveness of his government's every step and that all actions are working towards many bigger visions for all Americans. I think all market shorts will be running to cover their positions FAST...

Yes, I am in awe again ... this speech is even better than those he made in the past ... even when you know he has the gift of gab, even when you know he is already charismatic ... you still go away feeling you can trust him even more in spite of his natural abilities (which many may use to deceive and con others with).

p/s photo: Choi Ji Woo


Roy said…
yes...it was a very inspiring speech. I really like the closing remarks.

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