Monday, December 14, 2009

This Week At NBT!

No Black Tie
Live Vicariously

Irene Soliano
Amanda Imani

Does Malaysia have a music scene? If you have to ask, then we''ll have to make front-row reservations for you at No Black Tie this week. For at No Black Tie, we pride ourselves in bringing a diverse range of musicians to our stage and giving them tip-top acoustics, in ensuring that the resulting musical experience is a priceless, unforgettable one.

Just this week we have both aspiring and veteran musicians take the stage. Come and be awed by the sheer talent and preservation of our up-and-coming musicians like Amanda Imani and DieHard. Between Amanda's soulful repertoire and DieHard's eagerness to entertain, we promise two nights of pleasure.

Then there are The Solianos, Rozz and Jamie Wilson — all musicians deeply rooted in the legacy of many of the world's music royalty. Come and live vicariously through these music powerhouses. Catch a glimpse of life on the road with musicians like The Eagles and Steely Dan with Jamie Wilson. Feel the invigorating heat of Broadway's stage lights with Rozz and discover Alfonso Soliano's legacy between the notes of The Solianos' performance.

If music is what feelings sound like, then we invite you to indulge in your emotions with your favourite tipple at No Black Tie. For reservations, please call 03- 2142-3737 after 5 pm.

No Black Tie

9.30pm rm30
AMANDA IMANI is tipped to be the next sensation at the tender age of 18. Blessed with a melodious yet husky voice — and coupled with her warm persona and versatility be it on the piano or guitar — her performances are impactful. A believer that her songs are the vehicle in which she shares life experiences, hopes and imagination, her music breathes life into cultures and engages the spirit of humanity. Come, drink in her talent, and be awed.

9.30pm rm30
THE SOLIANOS: Irene Soliano (v), Tristano (p), Valentino (b), Rizal Soliano.
It has been said that a family that eats together stays together. For the Solianos whose primary bond is music, playing together is also a reminder of the gift that runs in the family and of the musical lineage that traces back to their late father Alfonso Soliano, who is widely regarded as the grandfather of Malaysian jazz. The Solianos’ brand of music is sure to capture the imagination of all jazz lovers.

9.30pm rm30
Bruce Willis' movies aside, DIEHARD is a portmanteau for Deo (guitar) and Hardy Arbi (vocals). Like music lovers everywhere, Deo and Hardy are guys with day jobs. Instead of relegating their insatiable passion for music to the dark recesses of their private lives, Deo and Hardy have took to the stage. Hardy, 35 is a trainer by profession, has passion for singing since young but is finally brave enough to give it a shot. While Deo, 20, is an aspiring musicians pursuing a Diploma of Business for the Music Industry at the International College of Music. Fusing the sweet pickings of the guitar and robust vocals, DIEHARD promises a night of ballads, RnB, jazz groove and perhaps a little funk.

10.30pm rm40
If you're looking to share the evening with a musician who's lived the life of the musician on the road, then meet JAMIE WILSON. Born in Australia Jamie studied classical guitar as a child and made his first formal appearance at the age of 16 at the Sydney Opera House. By his merit alone, Jamie was invited to the prestigious G.I.T. Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California before he went on to play with the famous ‘China Club’ alongside music legends, Joe Walsh ( The Eagles), Jeff Baxter (Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers), Tim Bogart (Jeff Beck Group) and Clarence Clemens (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band). Returning to Australia he joined rock legend Jimmy Barnes on his national tour, followed by tours with Australia’s music royalty, guitar maestro Tommy Emmanuel, Ian Moss, Richard Clapton and many others culminating in sharing the stage with American legend and Grammy winner Steve Miller.

10.30pm rm40
Boy, can ROZZ sing. A performer that defies anything generic, Rozz's stage appearances are often vigorous and engaging. Trained as a classical vocalist by Anne Ridgeworth from the early age of 4, Rozz has since dedicated himself to the study of music and theatre. His education and career as a performance artist eventually landed him at the epicenter of the actors' domain: New York City, where he was featured in various on and off-Broadway productions. Come and experience Rozz's spectacular show.


17, Jalan Mesui
Off Jalan Nagasari
50200 Kuala Lumpur


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