Saturday, August 08, 2009

On A Balmy Rainy Day ........

On a balmy rainy day, I think of things I miss a lot ...

a) Karen Carpenter's voice

b) Eva Cassidy's voice

c) Leslie Cheung's songs and movies

d) Danny Chan's songs

e) Yasmin's commercials

f) going fishing with my dad

g) my days, friends and teachers at St. Michael's Institution

Here are my two all time favourite Carpenters' songs, A Song For You and Superstar, what a haunting voice.

The music I would listen to on a balmy raining day:

a) anything by Nat King Cole

b) George Winston's December album

My favourite tunes: George Winston's heartbreaking Thanksgiving (wrongly named in my view, it should have been called Longing or Love Lost or just Heartbreaking), and Nat King Cole's Stardust.

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solomon said...

What about eating steam boat or dim sum?

Great, how about some Malay and Chinese oldies?


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