Monday, June 22, 2009

Important View On Maids Issue

Blogger me said...

i take it mr salvatore doesn't have a maid, or at d very most, is living off d help of parent's maid. Is that a generalization? Perhaps in d same way that u r generalizing. by not letting them roam d streets on weekends, where they r susceptible 2 all imaginable n unimaginable temptations, we r not treating them as family? we r putting them in inhumane work environment? how fast n how easy we humans conclude. forget that we buy things 4 them when we go holiday, ignore d fact that we constantly worry abt whether they hv enuf 2 eat, nevermind all other good things that happen in each household, that we let them hv mth long holidays n laden them wth all sorts of gifts n gold when they go. Scratch that you schedule in some rest time 4 them n worry about over-working them even when u don’t. cancel out everything, simply becos of 1 thing; they don’t get 2 go out on weekends. apparently if you don't let them go out, they r worth less than a human being n it negates all other gd things you do 4 them n d ways you care 4 them? not being able to go out on weekend n suddenly they r being treated so worthless? is this too extreme a generalisation? 1 point agst 100 others. human relations r based on more than 1 factor. but we only see what we want 2 see, don’t we?

it is only a practical solution in d view of the current situation we r faced with, with no protection to employers. perhaps u have not faced with maids sneaking out in d middle of d night 2 hv affairs even when they r not suppose 2 go out? perhaps you hv not had things go missing, even when you hv left them in yr own living room, in broad day light. maybe maids sticking themselves with coathangers in toilet in toilet to abort themselves n then bleed uncontrollably. how abt maids having friendship network so extensive n friends/ ppl trying 2 get all types of info fr them, latching on 2 any n every male worker that enters d house in a most pathetic manner, EVEN when they r not suppose to go out. i could go on and on, but perhaps it's tiresome n u get the idea. the problems exist even with our pathetic supposedly-practical solution at d moment, can u imagine d mayhem if they r allowed 2 mix n roam d streets? they already do not show maturity in d way they handle themselves, r we suppose 2 give them more freedom? if it was your child behaving so irresponsibly, wld u let them do as they please n stay out? How then, are we not being equal? and don't forget, even if you treat them like family, they r not your flesh and blood and do not have to listen 2 your teachings, no matter how u stamp yr feet/nag.

talk about human equality all you want when it doesn't burn too close too home, but it makes u a hypocrite. there are maids out there that may plan 2 rob u when influenced, those that bring men over in yr bed when u r not home, those that wear yr clothes n hook up with any man. exaggerating? i only wish.

When they run off, agents n govt don't care. they hv contagious disease, despite medical check that they r supposed 2 hv undergone, they get pregnant, ntry to abort themselves, leaving themselves half dead n u hv 2 send them 2 hospital, they catch aids fr their roamings, they steal yr things, sell them, d agents n gvt don't care. we r seen as d evil party simply because this is our only choice of protection. When d law doesn’t protect us, don’t strip us further of our protection.

If it’s so tedious, don’t get a maid? Speak when you walk a mile in other’s shoe. Judge only when you have actually lived it.

2:04 PM

Blogger Salvatore_Dali said...

Mr. Me,

Thank you for yr posting from the other side. I think yr points are very valid, and if I had implied that "not giving the maid the day off" as being cruel or inhumane, I was wrong, I apologise.

I have had 3 maids before. So, not a hypocrite.

I guess I need to tweak my posting somewhat, but yr points are very valid, I must say. Thanks for sharing.

2:10 PM

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Daniel said...

Ha! Ha! You are so "kind"

Little Bear said...

Just like how most employers in Malaysia purchase health insurance for their employees. I think we should have accident/health insurance for maids as well.

In fact, acknowledging the fact that these maids are frequently abuse and have little or no inkling of their rights, we should make such an insurance compulsory for all employers.

This will go a long way towards alleviating the concern of maid employers towards unexpected medical and other costs that are incurred by their maids.

Tony said...

I started with filipino maids 22 years ago when my daughter was one month old(first few batches to enter the country) This maid is still working with our family members and has since returned to work for us on a part time basis. Half of the Indon maids were good but they eventually change their minds from good to bad. We have since adopted a "No maids policy". We have living as happy as ever even with the extra chores we have to handle ourselves and make do with a little inconvenience. Now we have a head less to worry in our house.

ian said...

It gives me the shivers that there are people who think like neo fascists. Why stop at maids ? We should lock up foreign factory workers, security guards, factory workers lest they get into mischief. Who are we to say our treatment of foreign maids fair & just. It is indeed sad that there are people who take it upon themselves to be lord & master over other human beings.

@lexandra said...

Totally agree with Ian. Do unto other as you wold have others do to you,

definitelynotyou said...

clearly, all of you have the great points down already. whether you have a maid or not, there are many pros and cons to this. some maids who come over to work are as young as secondary students, inexperienced and complete strangers to this foreign environment. therefore, letting them go out during the weekends might just create bad influences and in the end, a worse experience for them as mentioned by Mr. Me!

I am not contradicting our country but please take a look, there is more than enough proof, what with the crime rate, rape cases, theft and all. Throw anyone in there and they might be lured away by sweet nothings due to their naive mentality. It could have been you or me if we were in their positions, so why not them? Other than that, adultery happens. A weekend off to make it easier and... Well, we are humans after all. Sometimes vulnerable ones too.

me said...

indeed. you are too kind to the rantings of an aggravated woman. thank u for having an open mind.

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