Tuesday, June 30, 2009

GDP Country Growth Rates For 2009

Below is an interesting piece from Bespoke Research tabulating the expected GDP growth rates for 2009. Only China and India are expected to register positive year on year expansion. The rest are in various stages of contraction. What's interesting is the BRICs are doing very well relatively, with the exception of Russia, mainly due to its own undoing, excessive reliance on resources exports and not enough investments into infrastructure and services.

The other interesting point is that resource rich countries do not have it so bad, in fact they are among the better performers.

Below are the 2009 estimated GDP growth for 21 countries. As shown, only China and India are expected to actually grow in 2009, while the other countries are expected to contract. China's 2009 GDP growth estimate is at 7.66%, while India's is at 4%. The US is closer to the top of the list than the bottom with an estimate of -2.49%. It ranks only behind Canada among other G-7 countries. Japan and Germany are expected to see the biggest contraction in GDP in 2009 at -6.61% and -6.06% respectively. The UK is at -3.74%, Russia is at -2.77%, and France is at -2.75%.


p/s photos: Reon Kadena

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