Friday, May 22, 2009

Sharing The Music

Many of you might not miss my Radio Jukebox by Imeem. For those who do, the reason why I took the thing out was that Imeem finally settled with the music companies, in that when users put the jukebox outside of Imeem, they will only play each song for 30 seconds, which is quite annoying. So, I took it off. If you want to hear the full songs and playlists, you have to listen to them at the Imeem site. As in most things in life, they are a lot better when shared out. Those who liked my selections (I think I have over 30 playlists), you can access the songs through the site via my account:



password: Salvatore


(wait for 30 seconds)

It will then load all my songs playlists. Left click on any playlist will reveal the songs. Right click on the playlist, then click VIEW PLAYLIST will play the songs in a new tab.


p/s photo: Nia Ramadhani

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Local Boy said...


You're so kind and generous in sharing. Thanks a lot. I gained so much in reading your blog and i owe you a thank.

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