Remembering Leslie Cheung

He is without doubt, and I am deliberately using the present tense, the most gifted and talented artiste we have in Asia. I came across these two TV shows on youtube and found them to be fascinating. One was done by a German TV station Arte, and I was very pleased to watch a fitting, correct and well researched tribute to Leslie. Thankfully it had English subtitles and is highly watchable and impartial. The fact that it was done by a group of people that does not even speak Cantonese or Mandarin says a lot about passion and professionalism of that group of people. The song the producers chose at the end of the documentary, an exceptionally beautiful and haunting Spanish song (I think about a bird..), was very apt as alluding to a bird that had no legs and would not land or could not land, and that the only time it landed was to die.

The second show was all the more interesting as it was the only interview done by Momo Mo Shun Kwan on her talk show. Many fans do not even know that Momo was about the only woman that Leslie openly declared his love to. They actually went out as a couple for an extended period. He even wanted to marry her, and he even admitted to having proposed to her. Unfortunately her feelings for him did not go as far his but they remained very close friends. Hence the interview carries a lot more weight and under current.


RAD said…
Dear Dali

I should not be raising this question in a space dedicated to Leslie Cheung, but could you give me a brief explanation on how the zero strike warrants on Berkshire Hathaway class B shares issued by AmBank works?

The warrants are listed on KLSE and in what ways can investors potentially benefit, from both the warrants and the underlying shares?

S. Radhakrishnan
Winston Siew said…
Dali, all I wanna say to you is Thank You!
CY said…
hard to imagine that he chose to end his life judging from these videos (which I guess wasn't taken that long ago from that fateful day). He was looking very normal then wasn't he?
pictureman said…
First of all, thank you for posting such a good material for us to remember.

Is there any way , i can download the videos for my safekeeping?

leevoon said…
It's painful and sad that he is no longer with us. The vids bring back poignant memories, reminding us of his lovable nature. Thank you for sharing.

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