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Top Yielding Stocks In Malaysia

As shares prices plummet, its hard to get a grasp on actual real yield as its a moving target. Here are the top high yield stocks. Use the information anyway you like as the KLCI hits 801:

a) Evergreen

b) Maybulk

c) Gamuda

d) Alliance Financial Group

e) IJM

f) Telekom Malaysia

g) Muhibbah

h) Public Bank

i) Guinness


k) Ta Ann

l) Pos Malaysia

m) Tanjong

n) B Toto

o) BAT

p) Carlsberg

p/s photos: Shu Qi (Magnum ice cream never looked so good)


Tony said…
Shipping stocks like maybulk are really beaten down with Baltic index down to bare bones. Future earnings look bleak near term. Toto earnings will not be badly hurt in a recession, maybe below RM4??
de minimis said…
Good post on Packer. But I do looove Shu Qi. Nice pics!
hng said…
Most of the REITS listed have yield >10% with sustainbility and consistency payout features. Among REITs, Atrium and AmFirst have highest yield,both income 12%.
Datuk said…
I think....there is ample room for the price of Evergreen to heading down south as there is no visibility in the earning for the next 3-4 years. There is a severe over supply for the entire industry. Cut throat competition has already begun!

The price has to be below its par value RM0.25.

Ivan said…
how about resorts and genting? i thought is a good dividend company :D
Salvatore_Dali said…

REITs are good but unfortunately illiquid n u must be looking for pure dividends cause the price appreciation will be muted ... but go for those with A class buildings, now warehouses or the fringe buildings as if recession hits, the rents there will be first to go.


fair comment, i guess the positive thing is that the company has very little debt n the sector does not inspire confidence as its probably the second or third leg of an economic recovery n not the prime beneficiaries of the early stage.
hng said…
Dear Dali

I agree warehouses/industrial (AXIS-REITS, Atrium) will be hit in recession and have higher risk with single tenant even with secure rental agreement. But the demand for A class office tower may also slow as more newer supply next 2009-2011. TowerREIT, UOA REITS

Those with shopping mall cum hotel should be more resilient: Starhill, AmFirst, Hektar
Anon118 said…
Yo Dali... ;)

I was doing a search for "Top Yielding stocks" and found this post...

If I may so humbly make a request... maybe you'd like to post something similar to the current recent times?

Never ask, never know ma... :P

Thanks for reading my comment anyway :)
Anon118 said…
Maybe just a list of consistent dividend distributors would do wonders... :)

Thanks again...

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