Gone Walkabout

Just managed to get myself to some sort of internet access as you might have guessed, I have gone walkabout .... wanted to be there when many people say "sorry". Readers visiting this site, sorry that I have not been posting of late. Am now in Sydney for holidays, and the last few days, drove to Maitland and stayed near Barrington Tops, in one of the lodges. Great, phone signal also don't have. Despite it being summer, its very cool as its in higher altitude and it has been raining on and off. Some of my relatives went fishing as there is a river which passes by the lodge. In the day time, we go visiting vineyards in the region. Didn't really want to do Hunter Valley again. Came across a really good boutique winery in Camyr Allen. They have a beautiful sweet verdelho wine (a kinda sweetish Sauvignon Blanc), got many bottles, only A$16 at the winery, you can add 50%-80% for outside retail prices. Plus the other find was that they also did a liquer from the overipen grapes, it looks and smells like cognac, but tastes like plum, caramel liqueur - great over crushed ice... and only A$36 if you go and purchase at the winery, double that outside if you can get it as they make only 750 bottles a year.

Been reading financial papers on and off, same old, nothing has changed, every bit of good news is being discounted quickly. Market sellers not finished with selling. Bye for now.


H said…
Enjoy your holiday Dali :)

You always have a way of describing things that make them really alluring. I almost can taste the wine already. haha.. Blessings.
AQW said…
Welcome back Dali! Hv been checking in everyday and as there was no update, was wondering if you were alright!! Enjoy the hols....
Hello Dali,
It should be liqueUr !
7 letter bingo word in Scrabble.

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