Monday, September 24, 2007

Water Pipes Leaking

Family of Four said...

Basis is required when you say that water-play is unsustainable.

KPS may not have too much upside but the penny stocks will catch up. This is especially so for KHSB and JAKS if the Langat II award gets issued by November.

Reply: I did say it was a One Liner Advice. One liner means no elaboration, its just a view, my personal view. Whether you choose to believe me or not is unimportant. I don't have to justify everything, people read the blog because they understand how I write and my persuasions. But for you, I will elaborate a little... if you are a regular reader, you will find that I have recommended ZILCH on water plays, be it KHS or Jaks or KPS. Certain projects I can stomach but when it comes to these type, where shares run so much ahead of fundamentals, I like to ignore them. Too much emphasis is based on "inside information" about who gets what. Even when they get it, what was once lucrative will be come marginally profitable after all the slicing and dicing for u-know-what... Trade them at your own peril. Sell on news, better still, sell before the news. Why do you think the announcements have been delayed and delayed again, cannot figure how to cut the cake up in various slices and still leave the final product looking like a cake to show the public???

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