Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Chicken Without Sexual Life

You have to get there early to enjoy one of China's hidden treasures, broken English. The authorities knowing full well that there are a lot of inadvertently funny translations into English, are acting speedily to rectify the matter. Road signs, shop signages, menus, etc... sigh, you have to go early to enjoy them or else they would have been corrected already.

This is not purely to laugh AT them, but to laugh WITH them. Everybody will make the sincerest of mistakes owing to the country coming to grips with the demands of globalisation. Its easy when you only have ONE language to contend with, but for the rest of the world, its juggling 2-4 languages and dialects - so native English speakers, don't laugh too loud.

To start off, here are a couple of menus from. See if you can guess what the real menu items are. Oh, btw... Chicken Without Sexual Life - Spring Chicken.

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