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Tom, That's Not The Way Yum-Goong

I think Thaksin is a crook. I think Thaksin has taken advantage of his position and power for financial gain. I am happy he has been ousted. I think Thaksin has done some good for Thailand but the benefits accruing to himself were obscene. However, the ruling junta has made too many errors since then.

a) Too obsesssed with getting Thaksin or his family members in the slammer, by hook or crook. Just freeze their assets in Thailand and file charges, if they fail to show up and answer, repossess the assets, don't go to the press every couple of days to do this and that to Thaksin and his family. Be professional about it instead of going about it in a "gossipy-housewife-vendetta" (no slur on normal under-appreciated housewives).

b) Too paranoic over media control. Thai public welcomed the junta to get rid of Thaksin, and now most of the public feel that the junta has stayed too long and imposed themselves on some of the important liberties deserving of a democratic nation. The closure of a newspaper, and the silly battles with YouTube and now Thaksin's website smacks of "small-minded-ness" and "not attune to doing big-things". Don't sweat the small stuff. Also as we speak Thailand has blocked some 45,000 websites.

c) South Thailand problem not being handled properly. Failure to understand root of problem, moreover can suggest making Buddhism the official religion of the country at this sensitive stage??!! Watch the bombings going central and north Thailand to get more attention.


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