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Best In KL & Some Say Batam As Well

I don't believe I have posted anything on food. Being from one of the northern states makes me a finnicky eater. Finding a decent place that serves good food in KL is like finding real stuff in Pamela Anderson's body. Nothing is as satisfying as discovering a place where really good food is served.

Came across this only a few weeks back even though this place has been around for ages. Reason for many people missing this spot is that it is open only for lunch (or early lunch) and at Lucky Garden , Bangsar to boot, not exactly near for office folks. Usually when friends say that they have to take me to the best fish head curry place, I end up disappointed. This place, you gotta go there early. They say lunch but people in the know come at 11.30am and if you arrive later than 12.15pm, be prepared to queue 10-person-deep to give the man his deserved money. If you arrive at 1pm, might as well forget it, all the good stuff taken.

Must try to come with at least a group of 3 cos the single fish head serving is huge. Come alone you end up with the doozy fish head curry sauce and lotsa crunchy fresh okra only to start your plate. This man knows his food is good, there is only rice and a few things to go with it:
a) fish head curry - everyone will ask what he puts in it, its the right tanginess and thickness, just the curry sauce gets you halfway to heaven, the fish is fresh and you want to suck the fish and bones and sauce over and over again, know your fish heads cos he puts a few diff heads in there
b) fried chicken - freshly deep fried, each wokful of about 20 pieces go from the wok to the serving table in less than 1 minute, very good fried chicken
c) fried fish - again freshly fried mackerel, even better than the chicken
d) fried sotong - this is on par with the fish head, in fact sometimes I come for the sotong only, its freshly fried, batter/marinade mix just exquisite, hard to find a better way to enjoy sotong

The cook has decoded the beauty of fried foods, must be fresh and there must be something tangy in the batter. In fact, good fried stuff does not need any marinade, next time just fry the best fish and serve with loads of lime juice, its the right way to eat fried stuff.

Go early and try to decode whats in which dish, and which is your favourite. Its pricey, Bangsar-mah, but hey who cares when its this good. Cannot miss it, behind TMC, its the smallest hawker stand on earth around 6' x 3'. Its small but quaint, in fact slightly romantic to have the tables placed winding up a mini slope where tables should not be placed, underneath tree coverage makes this place balmy and airy as well, excellente`. The head honcho is a nice mamak man with a deep voice and speaks excellent English, imagine a skinny bald Punch Gunalan + moustache-less Sammy Davis Jr. (minus the jewellery).
Bangsar Fish Head Curry (first in row of food court stalls), 2 Lorong Ara Kiri 3, Lucky Garden, behind TMC wine/spirits shop. Reservations - fergetaboudit. Mon-Sat lunch time 11.30am onwards.


bighuha said…
I'm glad that you finally change the font type to a more legible one. Thanks.
xfrenzy said…
Talking about Fish Head Curry.

I like mine in Seri Petaling and Jalan Pudu (opp. Fei Por Chicken Rice)
ikanair said…
I've been there a month ago, after reading another web's site recommendation. but reach there only after 6pm. fish head all sold out. Only managed some sotong and fried fish, which is so so. Thought it's just my bad luck.

So, today i went again, arrived early at 11:45. Ahh... no much crowd yet. Ordered fish head, sotong and fried chicken. Dishes come is short few minutes. Yup, fast services.

1) chicken nothing to shout about
2) sotong too salty
3) The main dish.. fish head .. well it's nothing to shout about, but worse part is, it's not fully cook. discover this only when eating the more meatier part.

Complain to the boss, he replied, "ar.. next time before eat, check first if cook already or not lar, not after eat already only complain"


paid and leave.

Damm lansi boss.

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