Stocks That Didn't Do So Well

Some of you might have come across a blogger (ichi) who was pretty pissed off with my recommendation on Naluri as I did not answer his queries and then took the post off my blog. My bad, my apologies. I was just 3 months into my blogging venture and did not fully appreciate the do's and dont's. Btw it was back in end-2005.

Doing a public blog is a thankless thing. You highlight the ones you think will do well. If it does, good. If not, they will haunt you back. If you take the posts down, it will haunt you even more. So, I leave them on whether good or bad. If the strike rate is bad, the don't read la, no point following, I am ok with that. If the stock rises and falls and rises, I won't be able to hold your hand and tell you when to go out when to buyback.

I highlight stocks I like, if they do not perform well, so be it. I think they should do well, maybe timing not so good, who knows. Counters which some have complained Epic, RB Land, UEM World, Tebrau, n2n ... to me what I wrote still stands. They may not have performed as well in that short duration but that does not detract from what I wrote. You can always choose not to read.


stocktube said…
yes Salvatore_Dali ... it's hard if you readers expect the miracle from you ... you won't get a thank note even when the stock you blogged strike the jack-pot (not that you're asking to be treated as god) ...

but when people start to follow blindly and dived into it immediately, you better pray the stock performs or else you'll get all the curses ... :)

cheers ...
Seng said…

Thank-you. :-)

juicy said…
being consistence , you go a long way mate
TK said…
Dali, just share your thought sincerely. But as you are famous (I think so because I see many people mentioned your name), what you write is influential & will affect a lot of readers. Automatically they will have high expectation on you. May this become a drive for you to write better.

But one thing, those not so nice words.... avoid using them if you can, though I sometime thinks that that's the way you feel you can best express your feelings. Hope you don't mind.
Boon said…
Trading decisions are always, always a personal one. Nobody should blame Dali when things are not going the way they wanted. We need a culture of respect, no-blame, and be responsible for our own trades.

Personally, I read this blog consistenly. Great information is free and published timely here. Be grateful.

All the best!
tucows said…

no one in this world has a Midas Touch.

readers must learn to make their own decisions and also take the initiative to learn instead of playing "Simon Says"

those who blame are those who are not cultured.

those who gain are those who learn & listen

Keep up the good work.

Nothing wrong with your recommendation on Kinsteel. A true 800% (on warrants) gain in less than 6 months.

Thanks again Dali.
tb said…
dali, keep up the good work and ignore what others had to say. i'm new to share investing and only recently discovered your blog. and i am glad to say it has taught me a lot. only the weak and insecure jeer at others.
simon_alibaba said…
say your piece of mind!

why bother, afterall this is your blog. Blogging is suppose to tell what in your mind without fear or favour.

those who choose to act on it,must take own responsibilty

After all why that "itchy" guy so itchi!

unless we got paid for it! ah!

self conscience, man.
ccdev said…
Buyer beware, yah? Anyway, why did you put tebrau as not doing so good? When you put out the word, the price of tebrau was around 0.4-0.60sen. that's pretty damn good returns even tho price off high of rm1.9+
ccdev said…
also, more than that, your writings go beyond the usual buy this, sell that stuff (tho i like your calls). Opportunity to see how capital market works at a more corporate level, thru your words. thanks, man, hope you dont stop blogging.

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