Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The WSJ Asia 200
Now For The Smaller Companies

The cover pages of The Edge last week carried the top 10 companies from Malaysia which made the WSJ Asia 200 rankings. Ranking was based on:
Long Term Vision
Financial Soundness

Unfortunately, those which made the top 10 for Malaysian companies were all players which have been hanging around for some time, they include:
1) Maxis
2) Public Bank
4) YTL
5) Star Publications
6) Genting
7) Resorts World
8) IOI Group
9) UMW
10) Southern Bank

When you have hung around for so long, you must be doing something good. But what about the younger listed companies? Good companies if they possess the crucial growth traits and sensible management, will see their market cap expand exponentially over the years - hence it pays to spot them early. Here I have attempted to list my top ten for "stars-of-the-future" based on the same criteria as above:

1) Astro
2) Pelikan
3) CCM
4) Commerce/CIMB
5) IJM
6) NextNation
7) Pos Malaysia
8) Mah Sing
9) UchiTec
10) Scicom


simon_alibaba said...

what do you think of greenpacket and mtouche?

simon_alibaba said...

i agree with your list except mahsing, surely the sunrise,igb,ytlprop & spsetia can do better, hear anything in twscorp?

Salvatore_Dali said...

not sure about mtouche, as there are more than 1,000 companies, I can only comment on those I come across. Greenpacket is ok, helped more by the subsector and parental backing than actual corporate strategic moves.

ywt06 said...

buy OIB as much as possible now

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