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The World Needs A Democrat President In USA

Like it or not, the global military, technology and economic leadership comes under the umbrella of USA. I think we have enough of the Bushes or Cheneys. I wouldn't have minded so much if Colin Powell stood for Presidency but he prefers doing something else. We need a more empathatic leadership from the US, a better way to mend fences and heal internal wounds and international bruises. Hilary Clinton should secure one of the nominations, and its high time for a woman to lead, and a crucial time to signal a new era for the world. Many countries have had wonderful female country leaders, and America is lagging. Its a big education for all, if a woman can be President of America, what institution, company dare to deny a similar fate. Young girls everywhere will be empowered even more to think big, and step out of the invisible box.

However, a spanner has been thrown in the works, now there is another very credible candidate from the Democrats too, Barack Obama. His father is black and mother white as chalk. Obama is highly intelligent and a wonderful speaker, and would rally not just the blacks but also most of the other minorities to vote for him. The empathy vote would be stronger for Obama. You either love or hate Hilary ... and that could swing the Democrats to choose Obama to get a better sense of victory. While some question the fact that he does not have actual military or foreign policy background... surely you cannot be worse than Bush??!! The tv comedians will have a big day rapping Obama to Osama in their skits.


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