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Chinese Food - OMAKASE ... Divine!!!

You put forward the word degustation, and immediately its fine dining and you are preparing to pay at least RM300-500pp, same for Omakase which is chef's choice in Japanese restaurants. This restaurant is the best discovery for the longest time, and you have to call to book first, and say you want Omakase as the chef would have to shop diligently for freshest ingredients.

paku pakis, blanched cold till crispy with sour chilli sauce, topped with prawn oil butter  8/10

easily my favourite dish, the soup was amazing, 8 hours with 3 different birds/bones as stock, and complements the melt in your mouth cabbage  10/10 

slow blanched pork belly, with cucumber and ginger (which gave it a lift)  9/10 

crispy chicken skin, the meat was actually fish ... Sek Yuen does this a bit better, but good nonetheless   7.5/10

I would call this a salad, well done eggplant plus squid and okra  8/10 

The place is known as Xiao Lao Wang hotpot restaurant, hence 90% of patrons go for hotpot not knowing Omakase was available but you can't order it as a walk in patron owing to preparation time needed. Its located at The School, Jaya One, ground floor. 

Another must have, soup cooked entirely with coconut water and chestnut, brilliant soup... the chicken is a special breed but I kinda forgot which breed ... you dip the chicken into boiling broth. Immensely enjoyable, the soup was at another level   10/10 

Their accompanying dipping sauces alternates according to different dishes, good attention to detail and some of the sauces were different, nuanced and refreshing.

A hit among lovers of rice with the stewed pork leg's sauce... not salty and just right.  8.5/10 

A delicate surprise, cheong fun with a chicken feet wrapped inside.  7/10 

Some friends have been there before and were gushing, hence I was invited to join them yesterday. Omakase refers to what the chef thought would be best served on that day depending on available freshest ingredients. However we did request for some of his signature top notch dishes - and you should too to avoid disappointment.

The steamed pumpkin with ginko and yam, old fashioned dish but warm nostalgic feel, pretty good.  8.5/10

My friends had this at a previous Omakase and swears on it. Sweet and sour soup, but exquisitely finished at the table with duck egg poured over.

The good news is the Omakase cost around RM200-250pp, great value for many kungfu dishes.


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