Thursday, February 22, 2018

Black Panther - Best Movie For A Long Time

Movie Review BLACK PANTHER: Save you to read till the end, its a 10/10 movie for entertainment, and a whole lot of bonus points for many more meaningful things. BP is a standalone superhero by Marvel. The director and writer were excellent here. It makes sense, was believable and logical even though we were in the realm of superheroes. 

As a superhero movie, the storyline was brilliant, moving and not a single boring moment to speak of. Characters were given time to flesh out hence you empathised with most of them. The effects were devastating and not entirely over the top. The high tech environment was brilliantly crafted and fun to watch. 

This movie is a watershed movie, more important than the entertainment value it professes to offer. A largely black cast, and it will be a very successful film at the box office worldwide I am sure - its the movie that showed that a superhero need not be white, and that minorities can be more than just an add-on or two in a big movie. The ramifications will be that minorities can carry a picture, that kids everywhere will have a more varied platform to choose from as their role models, nobody should be constrained by race or colour. In many aspects, its empowering for many people, and will cause a lot of rethinking (in a positive way) for the social media and entertainment industry.

The movie also tackles the oppression of certain groups, when tolerated by the bystanders, is that right? A more resonating excerpt from the movie, for most Malaysians in particular, was the two line dialogue:
"If you are loyal to your country, then serve your country", followed by the vociferous reply "I love my country, I will save my country".

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