Thursday, June 18, 2015

After Breaking Bad ...

Its a kind of depression after you have devoured Breaking Bad the series cause almost every other series do not match up. But you get over it. Here are my recommendations on top notch series to watch, or worth watching:

Kristen Bell is amazing and sexy and Don Cheadle highly watchable. The series is about a group of management consultants who flit from client to client spinning lies and data points. A lot of conniving, sex and manipulative behaviour. Into their fourth season.

 Into their third season. Extremely good. How to get things done in politics, by any means. The relationship between Kevin Spacey's character with Robin Wright's is convoluted to say the least. Very addictive.

 Also into their fourth season, a series about a lawyer, and one non-lawyer who happens to be the best lawyer amongst them. Solid.

Saul was a critical character from Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan is at the helm again for this prequel of sorts which traces the early days of Saul before Breaking Bad. Very Vince Gilligan, all the camera techniques and story building is there. The good thing is that in addition to Saul, you will find at least two more characters from Breaking Bad in the new series. The first few episodes were very slow moving but stay with it. Its very good.

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