Thursday, March 12, 2015

"The Best Cake In Town" Has A Sibling

I am not even a cake person, heck I am usually the one shying away from ordering desserts at restaurants. 

Hence it will take a lot to convince me to eat a cake, even harder to like it, and even harder to rave about it.

Anyways, in one of my previous posting 3 years ago, I came across a cake that deserved to be called the best cake ever that I have tasted ... its called the La Joconde, or Mona Lisa @ the eccentric Tommy le Baker ...

the Mona Lisa, it is simply possibly the best cake I have ever tasted. Its layered, it may not look like much but its divine. Each of the layers presented different textures to the whole cake and yet somehow each contributed exquisitely to the whole experience. There is the soft cream, the ice cream smooth moose, the delectable rich chocolate holding the whole cake together ... its just a wonderful cake experience. I am not exaggerating if I say this is 10/10 for a cake.

Now there is a cake I had recently which blew my mind away ... go to Bangsar Shopping Centre 3rd Floor, and you will see a place that is actually a little piece of heaven on earth named appropriately, Just Heavenly.

 Most of the cakes are wonderful, but its the Red Velvet that yields orgasmic groans.

 Don't bother with how it looks. I was rushing to cut me a slice (this is my third Red Velvet cake in a week) with their plastic knife, hence it looks a bit "not nice". 

But believe me, it is so moist and the icing is the proverbial icing on the cake. Some of the other Red Velvet cakes and cupcakes have this kind of slight sourish tinge that does not completely gel with the texture and fast, which comes from buttermilk but the tangy-ness here is somewhat reduced in a very nice way. There has to be some cocoa powder as well cause you kinda feel that there is something chocolatey as well. 

The icing here is perfecto ... the ingredients are all there, so its a matter of using the right source of sugar, vanilla, butter,  mascarpone cheese, buttermilk and milk. And you can taste when people use premium products.

Nothing much to look at, but when you are that good, looks does not matter much anymore.
p/s as per usual, I do not know who owns the place, and have not been paid in any form or manner by the outlet/owner ...


Andrew said...

Agreed. Just Heavenly's Red Velvet is really good.

ronnie said...

Hi Dali,

Since you are a sophisticated wealthy bon vivant, which is the best cake you have tasted ever?

Salvador Dali said...


it still has to be the la joconde from tommy le baker... go visit his place behind jalan ipoh

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