Sunday, March 22, 2015

Must Watch This - Little Big Master

Did not even plan to see this movie but there were a lot of dogs at the pet shop and had to drop my dog off for grooming, so got a couple of hours to kill. Always liked Miriam Yeung and Louis Koo but the synopsis indicated that it was a heartfelt small movie about 5 kids and a kindergarten about to be shut down. Wasn't expecting much but no choice ...

This movie simply was spectacularly written, tight and no nonsense. It was crafted so well that you felt for each character deeply by the time it got only halfway. But boy you do cry ... but those were somehow "good tears", they were tears of empathy, hope,

deep human kindness, all wrapped in a rare level of honesty not seen in most movies.

It has to be the most meaningful movie I have seen for a very very long time. Everyone from 6-106 should watch this. It brings out the best in us, it explores what we all need is to open up and lend a helping hand, and that everyone no matter how small, have their own story to tell.

Amazingly, the wonderful storyline was based closely on real life events. You will see pictures of all the "real people" with the actors playing them during the credits. The kindergarten is still on going today and its enrolment has risen from 5 to nearly 60.

Young ones will benefit enormously from watching the film as they will be asking questions which all parents will gladly answer as they all point towards the goodness in human kind.


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ronnie said...

Thanks for the heads up. Will watch this movie.

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