Monday, January 05, 2015

What The Government Should Be Doing For Flood Victims

It looks pretty obvious that maybe not enough has been planned to mitigate the repercussions from the present floods' disaster. Some 200,000 have been affected, and possibly another 100,000 will be affected indirectly for those who might be dependent on the former group.

What needs to be done immediately:

a) Unit In Charge Of Logistics & Aid Distribution - self explanatory. Too many ketua kampungs acting as toll gates, preventing aid from reaching the victims.  Presently the kind of aid also changes accordingly. Many places do not need food but more so for cleaning products and medication. Right now, its a free for all. All good intentions are not properly directed, and a large portion may be wasted in the end.

b) Unit In Charge Of Infrastructure Rebuilding - A detailed study of whats immediate and whats medium term. The kind of funds needed and how to get them, and disburse projects asap.

c) Unit In Charge Debt Relief & Insurance - Many people have lost a lot of property and assets. If you have two cars under water, you are looking at RM30,000-RM50,000 in damages. Before you now it your monthly car and house payments are due again. The unit should be there to negotiate with all banks and insurance firms collectively. Maybe a grace period of one year could be given to those who apply.

d) Unit To Cater For SMEs and Companies - Looking into the after effects to companies as they are the backbone for people to rebuild lives. Without jobs, how are they going to rebuild their lives? Hence special assistance loans should be given on a case by case basis to alleviate the pain.

e) Unit To Cater For Planters and Farmers - Many crops and cultivation have been devastated. Similar to above.

This flood is a national disaster, not a leave your house and go back a couple of days later to clean up and things back to normal. Many who are middle class or lower middle class, suddenly find themselves below poverty line.

The government needs to stop playing politics and work with state governments as too many lives and livelihood are at stake. Remember, we do not have SAFETY NETS ... there is no unemployment insurance, and if you did not get extended coverages, you have lost your cars and your house needs a huge renovation loan. Not to mention those whose houses have been totally decimated as well.

Act now, act fast and decisively.

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ocean biru said...

Hahahaha ...they have lots of well paid units in charge of everything except those you mentioned.
At least you cannot fault them of not trying. :D

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