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The One & Only Don Rickles

The sudden passing of Robin Williams hit us all hard. Hence it was wonderful to see this massive tribute event for Don Rickles, easily one of my all time favourite stand up comedians. His act is basically as an insult comic, he does not discriminate, he laughs at all and sundry. Words can be cruel but Don does it so well. I am so glad we get to see this as he is getting very very old but the mind is still alert as ever. The flashbacks were priceless. Much love ...


bruno said…
Now Putin wants to have a tea party hosted by the Russians,with the Ukranians and the rebels/separatists and whoever the West wants to sent together with their family dogs and cats.

And stock bulls are coming out in full force partying for a last hurrah.
walla said…
CEH said…
Thank you for sharing, Dali.

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