Monday, August 11, 2014

Confessions Of A Carnivore ...

It is fashionable to be a vegan. But how can some things taste so good for it to be wrong. Less than 30% of planted stuff are for human consumption globally. The rest is to feed the animals or fatten them for eventual food on table. If we stop eating meat, does that mean we have enough crops to feed the world? As utopian as that sounds, then we will be left with an ever exponentially growth in farm animals - we will have a different problem then. Do we castrate them then ... as if that was natural?

I guess I will still be a carnivore but I would support measures to have more decent and hospitable farming and culling of animals. I leave you with this thought ...

If we have to kill each and every animal for whatever that we choose to eat ... be it tonight, tomorrow, next week ...  for lunch or dinner ... IF we want steak we have to kill the cow ourselves, if we want chicken we have to do the same ...  or lamb or pig or piglet ... IF we have to act that way (and we really do, indirectly), I think we all will eat a lot less meat.

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lai said...

there is nothing wrong having more compassion.

if u were a cow and someone kill you, how would you feel?

P/s: still thinking of eating a grade 8 marble wagyu?