Thursday, July 24, 2014

Best Omakase Ever

Omakase in Japanese means according to the chef's wishes. What he/she sees fit and best to be served that best exemplify their skills and produce selection. 

A simple start, Japanese sweetened pickled barley on Japanese cucumber, refreshing. The beautiful colour of the uni indicates freshness laced with caviar. Plus a light vinegary sweet broth with some unique stems from a rare veggie which slips my mind for now.

A true test of any really good Japanese restaurant is to go sit at the main counter table and face the chef asking for omakase. I have had plenty of good Japanese dinners, even the renowned Ryugin and Kanda in Tokyo. However, my recent meal at Hanazen @ Jaya One tops the lot and that is no faint praise.

A palate cleanser of sorts, chilled young corn from Hokkaido, so sweet and crunchy like a fruit. This is only in season one month in a whole year, exceptional.

I have written about Hanazen before. They are eternally packed for lunch owing to their (not cheap) but very tasty and value for money bentos. But for the fix, go at night and ask for omakase. The omakase ranges from RM300-500 pp but let me assure you its value for money and is like a trip around Japan's loveliest seasonal bounty.

The exquisite Okayama grapes, that package alone costs over RM120. I got to have 3 for my desserts plate ... lol. 

This horrible looking fish from Kyushu, the Akamutze, but oh so sweet and delicate.

Lightly seared Kagoshima beef on sushi rice, great. But next to it was the single best piece of sushi I have ever had, flounder belly, beyond words, much better than any tuna toro.


I love almond and Hanazen's home made almond jelly is to die for, plus the 3 miserable Okayama grapes ... and wait for it, the famous Shizuoka musk melon (its so sweet I thought it was syrup).

Make sure the chef owner is there, my nick name for him is Mun-Mun

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