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Thought For The Week


bruno said…
When the crowd is fully entrenched in the herd mentality beliefs,that is bought into the idea that Uncle Benny is their only saviour in their financial investments,they will be always vulnerable to the sharks.When Uncle Benny sneezes,these pied pipers followers will wet their pants.

That is what happened these last couple of days.The crowd just panicked and headed for the exits.Lets just wait for Wall St trading on Friday.A strong finish at end of week will be good for the bulls.Down a few hundred pts on Friday and the bulls will be stampeding and tripping over each other.

The Aussie was the one to get a trashing,not the stock market.After the fed release,it was down 200 pics in an hr.And down another 200 pics in the next 12 hrs.A total of 400 pics in 14 hrs.

If Wall St were to close down 2-3 percent on Friday,it will be the opening of the floodgates for the bulls early Monday Asian trading.
solomon said…
The important door in life is the heaven door. Don't close this...

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