Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's All Adopt This - How Car Drivers Say Thank You

There are very few cases of road rage in Japan. See how car drivers say thank you in Japan. If you let another car into your lane, the other driver will press the hazard lights and let it blink a couple of times to say thank you. So cool ... yet I think it will go a long way to de-stress those around us and lets make a step to try and change the Malaysian driving culture bit by bit.


nick said...

A novel idea but first, we need to reeducate Malaysian driver to NOT use the hazard light during heavy rain. They should understand that the hazard light is flashed during an emergency stop and at the road side NOT flashing it all the way from Tapah to Ipoh!


Mr Bojangles said...

Also educate Malaysians to turn off the indicator light after having made the turn. Usually the car does it for you, but Malaysians being such a friendly lot love to keep winking all the way from highway to their respective gated communities. Makes the people around them wonder, are they or are they not going to make the damned turn.

Casper said...

Very good idea. Haven been doing this in UK for ages already though - this is not something unique to Japan.

Also, Hazard light should be used to signal hazard ahead.

Flash lights are also used in the UK to signal letting a car into a lane - that has totally different meaning in Malaysia of course.

Hoping for a gentler and more courteous driving culture in malayasia

Mad Investor said...

fully agreed. flashing hazard lights 2x for thank you. also add flashing headlight 3x for polis ahead. and as for hazards lights in is the practical thing to do to help stay noticed in torrential rain without intalling your own additional lights on your car.

flyer168 said...

Yes indeed.

Also to share this...

S Oil HERE balloon -

You be the judge.


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