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IQ Test For The Deranged

Mathematical equations and symbols always look beautiful to me. Just like the women to me, great to admire but near impossible to fathom and work out. Below are some of the most important mathematical equations that changed the way we look at the world. See how many you can guess right. Assign the alphabets to the numbers. Answers tomorrow.

a) Schrodinger
The Schrödinger equation
b) Second law of thermodynamics
Second law of thermodynamics
c) Black Scholes model

The Black–Scholes model
d) Wave equation
The wave equation
e) Shannon's information theory
Shannon's information theory
f) Maxwell's equations (this is a freebie, note the plural)
Maxwell's equations
g) Fourier's transform

The Fourier transform

1) Schrodinger's Equation  - Models matter as a wave, rather than a particle.

2) Second Law Of Thermodynamics -  Energy and heat dissipate over time. 

 3) The Wave Equation -   A differential equation that describes the behavior of waves, originally the behavior of a vibrating violin string.  

4) Shannon's Information Theory - Estimates the amount of data in a piece of code by the probabilities of its component symbols. 

5) Maxwell's Equations - Maps out the relationship between electric and magnetic fields.

6) The Fourier's Transform - 
Describes patterns in time as a function of frequency. 

7) Black Scholes Model -  Prices a derivative based on the assumption that it is riskless and that there is no arbitrage opportunity when it is priced correctly. 

Get 5 or 6 correctly, you should be a Phd student in maths. Get all correct, you should have an IQ above 200 or be in a mental ward. Get 3-4 right, aren't you a bombastic know it all bastard. Get 0-2 correct, hey you are normal.


bruno said…
I am floored.How can I have any answers when I do not understand any of the questions.0 for 6.

Anyway Facebook is really fucked up.Screwed with red,black and purple all over the ass.Got under the 20 figure.I am stuck as the keys are already thrown away.Maybe will averaged before close today.Goodluck to all the brave guys if they are still standing.
wizardteo said…
Those are equotation, scientist make observation, experiment, get all related factor involve, conclusion so that all those regular thing can be calculate with math, you can say they are great, with computer aid we can calculated the distant of star faster,if we no know, we can learn keep learn untill know. how about the irregular patern, human behaviour act.
Ciki said…
Unlike women, these equations do not have emotions!! That's the killer in women!
Guano Apes said…
may i knw the so keen to knw
Guano Apes said…
Have you post the ans?I am still stuck in solving the equation

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