Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inconsiderate Malaysians

Thanks for all the comments on rude Malaysians. I do agree, we can rid of most of the problems if we have strict enforcement and no bribing, much like Singapore. That will certainly cure the bad behaviour but it does not change the very make up of the person. 

Malaysians are generally the nicest people when you go to their homes, they make you feel welcomed. They offer you drinks and food even though you have obviously just eaten. They are the most gracious hosts. If you come into my circle of intimacy or closeness, be they family, friends of my kids, friends of my family ... and I have been introduced to you - we certainly treat you much better.

One of the issues lie with our neighbourliness. We sometimes rubbish some Western society for being overly friendly in striking up conversations with strangers, we seemed averse to bid a smile and wave to our neighbours even when we do not know them. Why is that? I believe Malaysians back in the 50s and 60s were much friendlier, yes, small towns even now are much much friendlier. There is more compassion, empathy ... in smaller towns you kinda know everybody or they would be somebody who knows somebody you know- hence the better behaviour? 

Cities are impersonal and cruel. Cynicism is rife, we tend to be too cautious. Naturally, our very bad crime rate causes us to be extremely wary of scams, strangers ... everyone thinking the worse of whomever they they come across. 

However, many of the rude behaviour cited in the previous posting was not due to the above reasoning. Its plain selfishness, its pure "what I can get away with mentality". First, lack of punishment and enforcement, we take our chances, chances of getting caught or fined is so remote. We cannot really take the law into our hands and smash the windows of the double parkers, can we, then its two wrongs. 

People in L.A. behave better, but not because they are nicer, its because if you anger some motorist, they could have a gun in their glove box and we know what could happen next. Fear is certainly not the way to go.

It all goes back to how we were brought up. If you have kids in the car and they see you double park, tailgate or road hog ... what do you think they will learn? The bad behaviour is all a reflection of bad parenting mainly, or rather ineffective parenting. Some parents will say ... well, friends' influence is also important when they get to their teens. Every layer shoulders some blame I guess. 

There is not enough peer pressure from the 'good guys'. I mean when someone does not give up their seat for the elderly or pregnant woman, there has to be sufficient "peer pressure" from the good guys around that fucker that would cause him/her to do so. But we fear we get ourselves into trouble.

Its the same mentality that has driven us to doom in politics, but when enough 'good people' do something, we get Bersih. If we see someone doing the "right stuff", stand up alongside that person, to let him/her know he/she is not alone. Power in  numbers. No point just whining and bitching, do you stand up with your fellow man? The "bad ones" may threaten one good guy, but not when a few more just step up and join forces. We must reward good behaviour to encourage good behaviour. We cannot stand by the side and then whine and complain.

Why is a person considerate? Being nice is a fucking burden in a soul-less city. But we try to be considerate because its the right thing to do, because you know if everyone does not do likewise, we will have anarchy. Good social behaviour has a lot to do with ethics, or rather self-imposed ethics. That kind of behaviour will translate to other aspects of society and economy.

I don't think I am exaggerating when I say, the proliferation of bad behaviour socially is but a reflection of similar bad behaviour in politics, in the boardroom, in the corporate world, even in personal relationships, in some lawyers or accounting offices, in HR, in the police force, in the legal system, etc... 

Fuckers using mobile phones in cinemas .... they are probably the same kids that parents allow them to do texting n play games on their phones 99% of the time when they are dining out with their parents. 

Are you a good person? What is a good person? Have a heart, have a decent heart, empathise ... You are not a good person just because you don't steal, kill or maim. You do not have a decent heart when you only are nice when it suits you.


bruno said...

The dow futures was down 50 pts.ECB's Draghi quacks like a duck.An hour later it was up 150 pts.The risk currency Aussie shot up 100 pics to filled Monday's opening gap.The market's unruly behaviourial characteristics are identical to the uncouth behaviour of the rude and ignorant selfish people you were talking about.They don't care a damn of what we think or say.

3pmsupertrading said...

in this bolehland many parents are fucking deaf n blind and allow their kids to yell, run and shout in library, bookshop or hospital temple. try reasoning with them they stare at u like want to eat u alive.

Unknown said...

It all boils down to a word - trust.

panaceaasia said...

We, the majority, are good guys but it may be perceived to be uncool to be good. Popular culture is focuses on bad.

It is hip to be bad. Good is deemed to be weird.

In the financial world, market manipulators or stock operators are romantised as legends. People to be admired. Those not tempted to make the fast buck are seen as idiots. Not necessarily in that context but very close.

There are of course the hypocrisy. Everyone has at one time or other bought shares on rumours. Not caring that rumours if they are true would be inside information.

Will it then be a crime to buy shares on rumour which invariably becomes fact and thus inside information?

bruno said...

Facebook is fucked,screwed call it whatever one like.Trading at 24.00 after hours.Only for the brave to buy,lock it up and throw the keys away.

David said...

Malaysians are very fond of blaming everything under the sun for their unfortunate situation which justifies their anti-social behaviour.
They should start looking at themselves for a reason for being in shit in the first place. A good place to start is this forgotten virtue called "self discipline". The day humans can behave without control is the day of the planet of the apes.

David said...

Malaysians blames everything for their woes. They go to temples to pray for money, to strike 4 d, when this doesn't happen they start their childish anti social antics. They should remember 1 long forgotten virtue - self discipline. They day we act without control is the day we say bye bye to this beautiful country, spoilt by mentally fucked up malaysians

Ciki said...

You're right Dali. Most offenders have the mentality that "they can get away" with it. And if you notice, there are more and more.

Sometimes we think that given the amount of education we are privileged to receive, we still behave like primates. I can assure you, on many occasions when I hold the door for someone (professional looking, tie, or women in suits, etc.) they just walk through, no nodding, no thank you. Most times when you open the door to go out for yourself, they'll squeeze through. Bums.

And the people that you don't expect any thank you from, are the ones that are actually more polite. For example, I see this guy shabby dressed, you'd think he just came back from work in the pasar borong, this is the guy that actually thank you, smile and acknowledge your kindness.

I know I sound like an ass judging people like that (from their looks and how they dress, but isn't the first impression the one we always look to?), but sadly that is the bloody truth.

People who are so well educated seems to be the bigger ass these days.

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