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9 Year Old "Monet"

A nine-year-old art genius nicknamed 'Mini Monet' is about to become a millionaire after selling his latest collection of 24 paintings for £250,000.
Kieron Williamson, from Norfolk, had his landscape picturessnapped up by telephone and internet buyers from around the world in just 15 minutes during a recent sale.
The youngster only started painting during a family trip to Devon and Cornwall in 2008 - before then he had just coloured in dinosaurs his parents had drawn for him.
  • Only started painting lessons in 2008
  • Work bought by international collectors for tens of thousands of pounds
  • Paints three pictures a week
  • Proud mum has written book about his prodigal success
Nine-year-old Kieron Williamson's latest set of paintings sold within minutes fetching £250,000.

  The talented youngster beautifully captures a winter scene in 'Snow at Dusk.'
  This work, entitled 'Staithe Road Winter Shadows' sold for £17,495. 
 Another of Kieron's incredible paintings called 'Marsh Harrier Hunting.' 
Proud: Mrs Williamson has written a book detailing her son's astonishing rise to fame in the art world, called 'Kieron Williamson Coming to Light - The Remarkable Story of a Child's Gift to Painting'

 Looking to the future: The talented schoolboy will not be given free access to his rapidly growing wealth until he reaches 18, as his parents Michelle, 39 and Keith, 45, have been investing it on his behalf

 Career highlight: An exhibition of 33 of his oils, watercolours and pastels sold out within half an hour for £150,000 in July 2010 with buyers flying in from Arizona, New York and South Africa to snap them up

Going places: All of the money Kieron earns goes through his very own limited company, of which he is a shareholder

 Public: The works on display will include the 24 that he has just sold as well as the ten which are mostly being kept back for sale during the exhibition

 Journey: The retrospective exhibition will feature more than 100 of his paintings over the years to illustrate how his work has progressed
 Popular: Adrian Hill, the managing director of the Picturecraft gallery, said the decision had been made to sell the bulk of the paintings in advance to 'avoid chaos' when the exhibition opened

 Laid-back: Kieron kept his cool when he was asked if it meant anything to him to have earned nearly £1million. He just smiled and replied, 'Not really'

 Kieron added: 'I would like to go to other countries to paint and experience different lights. I want to explore Norfolk, Cornwall and Scotland a bit more' 
 Guided: 'We are a bit paranoid about how Kieron is viewed, said Mrs Williamson, 'that is important to us is that he remains balanced and relates to his peers'

 Changes: The family used to live in a rented flat next door to a petrol station in Holt.But with his earnings set to pass the £1 million mark his family have been able to move to a £150,000 home in the Norfolk Broads

  In demand: During ones sale fans even camped outside the gallery for up to 48 hours to make sure they did not miss out on one of his paintings while others telephoned in bids from Tokyo, Canada and Germany.


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