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Who Is Yu Heng?

Well, for once my banner has eclipsed my "Malaysia Finance" tag line, and for good reason, the poster is for promoting a showcase concert for a true blue Malaysian singer songwriter, Yu Heng (pronounced as "Yue Herng"). If you have not heard of her, well, take it from me, you are looking at a future superstar. Earlier in her career, she was under a Taiwan label, but sadly was mis-managed and had to spend two years in Beijing doing nothing, but she confessed that she did write a lot of songs during her enforced period in Beijing.

Her songwriting ability is exceptional, in fact she has written hit songs for many, including Liang Jing Ru (Fish Leong). After the debacle with her previous label, she had to do it all again from afresh, starting her own production company, her own label. 
If you talk about Malaysian singers who have made it big in Taiwan, there is Kuan Liang, Ping Kuan, Fish Leong, Penny Tai... to name a few .. seriously, I think Yu Heng is more talented than most of them. Her songwriting skills is the thing that will eventually allow her to shine. I sincerely believe she will find greater recognition than Tanya Chua and maybe on par with Stefanie Sun. Her voice is solid.

Funny thing is that though she is a very lovely looking girl but never wants to promote her career through her looks. Look at her concert poster! Just have a listen to her songs from her latest album from the links below and be blown away.

OMG, each and every original song is sooo solidly goood ...


Armed with that new album and her barrage of new songs in her inventory for the future, how not to succeed. This showcase will be her last in Malaysia for a while as she will be leaving to live in Taiwan for a long while to chart her career. I don't even need to wish her success cause I know she will be very famous, not just a pretty face.

Do I write as if I know her? Yes, I do know her, and I am so lucky to know her before she is really famous... hope she remembers me later when she makes it.


日期:24/03/2012 (六) 
地点:Celebrities Hall of Music (Suite L-6-3A, SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara) 
门票:预售票每张RM 50 (含1杯指定饮料) / 现场票每张RM 60 (不含饮料) 

*凭票入场、自由入席;先到先得、售完为止* 询问热线:28Stage(03-92850282) 


凡是想要购买『爱一个人,还是唱一首歌?』宇珩 ‘s LIVE 预售票的朋友,可在2月28日开始透过28Stage订购。只需以下3个简单的步骤,所以你还等什么呢?] 

I. 请将欲订购的入场卷总额 (1张RM50, 2张RM100, 以此类推) 存入以下的银行户口: 

银行名称: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) 
户口名称: 28Stage Sdn. Bhd. 
户口号码: 5145 4311 7442 

II. 请 将汇款单据 (Bank In Slip) 或网络转账页面 (Online Transfer Page Print Screen) ,连同你的个人资料(英文姓名、身份证号码&联络电话)电邮到 28Stage 的信箱,抬头请注明 [订购:『爱一个人,还是唱一首歌?』宇珩 ‘s LIVE ] 

III. 28Stage 负责人在收到电邮后,将以电邮回复并提供 门票编号,当天凭身份证既能领取已订购的入场卷。 




eddie said…
Sounds like my famous Malaysian director/actor friend.

elizabeth said…
Yu Herng has been around a long long time. Looking at the pictures I think this could be her 3rd makeover. She is a good song writer, she wrote Fish's hit, 'hue hu xi de toong' or 'a breathing heartache' which won Fish the Yu Xue Jiang (Malaysian song fest). It was heart wrenching to hear how, despite how Yu Herng wants to save that song for her own album, probably for practical reasons, she had to let Fish have it. I am not as optimistic as Dali that she wil make it big as a performer as there is no x factor where her voice or appearance go. Make it big as a song writer, more likely.
jessY said…
Hi, Thanks for sharing this info. I am just curious, what is her company name? Her story is so inspiring :) Can't wait to hear more of her soon!

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