Calvin & Hobbes On Some Companies

Some of you should have come across this cartoon before. It was originally meant for the US auto industry and its subsequent bailout. Heck, could this also portray MAS, AIG,  Indah Water, Konsortium Perkapalan, PSC, etc...
(click on cartoon to enlarge)


lmenwe said…
Kudos! A good comic that reveal the truth of Malaysia GLC. Yeah!
3pmsupertrading said…
everytime when our govt want to buy something more expensive, they will have suddenly a foreign bidder. wanting to pay much higher for that particular asset, for no logical reason no synergy no geographical access whatsoever. then all of a sudden, we (our chengwho) won the bid. somekind of achievement. recent case the power station.
everytime a crony want to aquire a govt asset at dirt cheap price, they will also be bidders, all bidding at ridiculously lower price. then as u know the crony wont the bid.
when they sell something they acquire for billions for a mere 1Euro. they can still justified it and accepted by most of malaysian.