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An Amazing Quality Of Life Enhancing Invention

We can only think about the possibility. Basically it started with 6 Million Dollar Man and then Robocop. The whole idea germination came to him when he read Asimov. Dreams visionary dreams. But he had to work his ass off to get to the current stage. To pinpoint how the brain signals control the various nerves dictating the motion. The invention is amazing for stroke victims, even paralysed patients to a certain degree. I believe he will be able to further improve it for dexterity and mobility. By using brain signals, it connects the brain to the sensors at various robotic joints, amazing. Its also commercially available but production is only 500 a year for now.

Dr. Sankai, who introduced the 'Robot Suit', something unfamiliar to the world, established CYBERDYNE Inc. in June, 2004.
Dr. Sankai in primary 3
Dr. Sankai in primary 3

What led you to the development of the 'Robot Suit'?

I read this book called 'I Robot' by Isaac Asimov, when I was in 3rd grade. There appeared a doctor and the robots that the doctor created. The doctor looked as if he was a magician who could create everything out of nothing to me, and always did right things, something beneficial to human beings. 'So cool!!' I though, and made up my mind to be a scientist who creates robots like the doctor when I grew up. I had locked myself in my room, and carried out odd experiments day after day. My brain was swelling with knowledge in electric engineering when I graduated primary school. There was a cartoon on the air at the same time, called 'Cyborg 009' which also influenced me very much. And now, I'm developing the 'Robot Suit' that has both advantages of a robot and a cyborg.
High school
High school

Why 'Robot Suit', not a robot?

I have always been concerned with the relationship of human beings with technologies. Human only gets older and weaker after they grow up, and it is unavoidable. To be able to live a meaningful remaining time depends on the existence of technologies. I thought that to support human beings using technologies will improve the relationship of human beings with technologies. However, human bodies are filled with wonders. The bio-defensive system of the human body rejects everything that tries to enter the skin. Within the skin, or out of the skin. I had come to conclusion that the skin is the significant border. I tried to stick the technology on the border, the skin. That is the 'Robot Suits'.
Dr. Sankai hard working for PhD
Dr. Sankai hard working for PhD

How does the 'Robot Suit' work?

Faint bio-signals appear on the surface of the skin when the human brain tries to move the exoskeleton. The signals are detected and the 'Robot Suit' moves to support the action. The 'Robot Suit' moves the body of the human, and the information comes back to the brain. This interactive spiral loop of the human and the robot/information system is what I think, will be the core technology to develop the world of the next generation.
With Dr. De Baykey at Baylor College of Medicine
With Dr. De Baykey at Baylor College of Medicine

I'm sure you have come across some difficulties?

To achieve this cycle of the human and the technologies, I needed to overcome many challenges. Humans can feel discomfort when the 'Robot Suit' is added to the body, as it acts as a sensor, and also as equipment to control the whole body. This affects us both physically and mentally. To minimize the size and the weight was a big challenge, and the individual body differences needed to be considered as well. To attempt all of these needed knowledge not only in engineering, but in the fields like behavioral science, cranial nerve science, physiology, psychology and so on. Even if the 'Robot Suit' itself had completed, law, ethic and safety requirement needed to be met in order to contribute to the world. I strongly felt the need of an academic system that includes a number of fields combined. I have named and established this academic system, 'CYBERNICS'. The academic system 'CYBERNICS' is now chosen as an international base (Global COE Program) for the academic area. 'Robot Suit HAL' is the out come of sleepless research.
With lab members at Baylor College of Medicine
With lab members at Baylor College of Medicine

How do you think 'HAL' contributes to the world?

We are now aiming for mass-production of 'HAL' to be used in the medical and personal care fields. Rehabilitation, ADL, and caring support will be the application in medical and personal care fields. The workers working under harsh conditions could also use 'HAL' to support their work. The increase in the average working age caused by decrease in birth rate and aging might be eased using technologies like the 'Robot Suit'. To enjoy is as important as to work in order to live a happy life. 'HAL' is expected to be in full activity in the fields other than medical or caring fields like heavy labor support, the entertainment field and also rescue field operations. Engineering and medicine is meaningful if it helps human beings. To supply the leading edge technology to the person who really needs it, and to exploit the future by a hearty science technology. That is what I am aiming for, and I think that is the purpose of my existence. I will develop technologies that make people smile, and create a future world that nobody had seen before.

  • "Robot Suit HAL" is a cyborg-type robot that can expand and improve physical capability.
  • When a person attempts to move, nerve signals are sent from the brain to the muscles via motoneuron, moving the musculoskeletal system as a consequence. At this moment, very weak biosignals can be detected on the surface of the skin. "HAL" catches these signals through a sensor attached on the skin of the wearer. Based on the signals obtained, the power unit is controlled to move the joint unitedly with the wearer's muscle movement, enabling to support the wearer's daily activities. This is what we call a 'voluntary control system' that provides movement interpreting the wearer's intention from the biosignals in advance of the actual movement. Not only a 'voluntary control system' "HAL" has, but also a 'robotic autonomous control system' that provides human-like movement based on a robotic system which integrally work together with the 'autonomous control system'. "HAL" is the world's first cyborg-type robot controlled by this unique Hybrid System.
  • "HAL" is expected to be applied in various fields such as rehabilitation support and physical training support in medical field, ADL support for disabled people, heavy labour support at factories, and rescue support at disaster sites, as well as in the entertainment field.

HAL-5 Type-B Speficications

wearable robot
Height 1,600mm
Full Body Type approx. 23kg
(Lower body approx. 15kg)
Battery Drive
Charged battery( AC100V)
Continuous operating time
Approximately 2 hours 40 minutes
Daily Activities( standing up from a chair, walking, climbing up and down stairs)
Hold and lift heavy objects
and more...
Hybrid Control System
Working Environment
Indoor and outdoor


Very interesting invention.
I can think of an uncle who is likely to buy this (and can afford it).
Btw, is the company listed and worth investing?
Thanks for telling us of the exciting invention.
I can think of an uncle who will be interested in using it. Not sure if he can afford it.
Btw, is the company listed and worth investing?
trusbx said…
wow amazing, hope it can help all my patients one day. God Bless the Prof for making others healthier.
God Bless Dali for making others wealthier . :-)
tchtax said…
Hi Sal

Would like to know your opinion on this article :-

Over reaction?
Salvatore_Dali said…

You know I do not reply often to comments, but in this case Sam Chee Kong is a dear friend of mine, we were classmates at St Michaels in Form 4 and 5. We meet up every now and then. I kinda take jibes at him for often having a slanted a bit extreme-views on thing. But we do need to hear all views, his is a bit off center, but useful for consideration, but not my stance.
tchtax said…
Appreciate your response, Sal.


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