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Let's kick off with the last posting for 2011. Looking at the trading for the last two weeks, I am seeing a potentially massive run up in the second liners from Tuesday onwards till the last few days prior to Chinese New Year. Why do I say so? The build up activity has been too obvious. Its like investors were all saying to themselves, "OK, let the GLCs and local funds do their silly window dressing to perk up their returns for the year". Nobody is touching the GLCs or index linked stocks for now as the market is too staid and volume not active enough to bring forth any kind of run in the first liners.

So, second liners it is. Some people frown when I pick trading stocks. Some people frown more when they consider those stocks as con jobs. Some people say, what the hell am I doing recommending those stocks?

I am not sure when I was granted a halo with the right to talk about "pristine stocks" only. Stocks are stocks, there is a time for everything. My picks are usually for value momentum trading, not to buy and hold forever. Its a momentum thing, momentum gone, leave it. My favoured short term trading stocks include Dataprep and Versatile. Or, if you prefer brilliantly cheap fundamentals that will take forever to move, do consider Jaya Tiasa and MBM Resources.



Cina said…
Happy New Year taikor..

may you have a grand 2012 and your hopes and desires come true for you..
have a wonderful time tonight as you celebrate with your loved ones and friends..
南南 said…
Happy New Year :)
emacro said…
just go with the flow. Though those who rode the glc window dressing train are sitting pretty...
2B Pencil said…
Man Utd 新的一年,新的失败
2B Pencil said…
Sorry, it should be final defeat of the year

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