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Homebake Recipes

Well, I don't do this often. Heck, I don't do this at all. But good things are good to share. There is this home bakery that is worth telling people about. Owners Sunny & Marry are photographed with some of their goodies.

Homebake Recipes has been around for 18 years and bake their cakes from a warm family home in Cheras. The cakes are made using traditional recipes. All ingredients are natural and no artificial flavoring is used. Freshness is a priority, that’s why cakes are made only right after they are ordered, ensuring the freshest cakes around.

Homebake Recipes’ specialty is its Blueberry Cheesecake which is possibly the best in Malaysia.

Click on link for full price list on cakes, desserts and surprisingly good local food items. I use them for corporate functions or home catering as they can deliver very good food efficiently.

Besides the Blueberry Cheesecake, the other worthwhile items to look for are the Moist Orange cake, the Carrot Walnut with cream cheese cake, the nasi kunyit with curry chicken package and the seriously good chicken pies.

Please note: Delivery shall only be available with 1-2 days advance notice.
Minimum delivery service charge is RM10 and above. Taxi charges shall apply for delivery by taxi.
mobile: 012-2877810, home phone: 03-91303220, fax: 03-91303231


Gamelion said…

Your homemade cake look delicious & long time did not taste it since your
SIB house group meeting !!!
bayi said…
I have tried their cakes before. They are really yummy! Really worth the money paid.
capturedonce said…
I have tasted the delicious cakes!! They are really good! Thumbs Up!!
My Bug Life said…
I have tasted their home made chicken pies and they are really good! :)

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