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Estatic With My BOSE Speakers

You know how it is when you discover something really nice, and you have a monetary figure in your mind that you'd be willing to pay for it. Then you ask the sales guy and he came out with the real price. Chances are 9 out of 10 times, his figure would easily surpass yours. Well, I went into the Bose Atlas store, not really looking to splurge RM20,000 ... and then tested the speakers for laptops / desktops / MP3. The sound was Bose-like, and you can ratchet it up to fill up a really big dance floor, really. Its only RM550 a pair, can you believe that! I was thinking it will be at least RM1,500. They have a smaller version which is suitable for those wanting to travel or move around with your laptop or MP3. But thats closer to RM2,000. The big speakers will do me nicely, and its heavy like hell, feels like titanium. As we can get so much "free" music (e.g. the imeem jukebox) over the internet, to me its like having a huge new stereo for a steal. The integrity of the music and sound never waver even at very high volumes, even the bass notes were there (though not as good as the full motherlode Bose bass coffin thing). I am very very happy listening to it now, I am like a very happy little kid in candy store. Go to the stores in Gardens or Pavillon to try them out, but I would recommend you to have the money ready as you will end up buying the speakers for sure.

The Companion® 2 Series II multimedia speaker system represents a significant upgrade in sound and style over original equipment computer speakers. Enjoy sharp, expansive sound for music, movies and games. These sleek and compact multimedia speakers fit easily in their surroundings to save useful desk space. Dual inputs make it a snap to connect your computer and portable audio sources at the same time. Both volume and the headphone jack reside on the front of one speaker to provide easy control over your listening experience.

Enjoy your computer more with Bose sound

Odds are, your computer is a primary source of entertainment. So why rely on standard computer speakers with so much rich content at your fingertips? Step up to Companion 2 speakers and unleash your computer's true potential with powerful, full-range sound for CDs, DVDs, MP3s, streaming videos, games and more.

Companion 2 speakers deliver both the subtleties in your music and the rousing resonance of movie and game sound effects. Think of them as giving new voice to your computer. And with Bose TrueSpace® stereo signal processing, that voice really has some reach. Experience a spacious, dramatic soundstage that seems to extend beyond the desktop speakers—whether you've set them next to your monitor or placed them farther apart. You'll also appreciate the clear, robust response for those challenging low musical notes and sound effects.

It's all within reach

Companion 2 speakers bring more than new flair to your desktop. This PC speaker system is also designed for convenience, with both the volume control and headphone jack close at hand. All so controlling your listening experience is as simple as you'd like it to be.

Dual inputs enable the speakers to be used with your computer as well as a second audio source, such as a portable MP3 or CD player. And Companion 2 speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with your monitor.

p/s photo: Arti Chhabria


clk said…
If you're just buying pure speakers alone from Bose, it don't break your bank account. Those AcousticMass speakers and the others are not too expensive.

Its the complete-whole lifestyle systems and other AV's that will break the bank!
Avatar said… I wish I could get one of those those are pricey top of the line speakers.

Enjoy yourself listening to those speakers man. I better stop before I start drooling :)
iamyuanwu said…
Nice one! Envy... envy...
Perhaps more music reviews from S.Dali from now on?

Pssst... Didn't consider the AEgo M? =P
iamyuanwu said…
Nice one! Envy... envy...
Perhaps more music reviews from S.Dali from now on?

Pssst... Didn't consider the AEgo M? =P
Jomaropol said…
First time I heard music from this very speakers was 5 years ago in my friends house, fell in love instantly.

I bought it 6 months ago in Gardens Atlas, and now the world seems like a better place. Listening to classical music is like hearing a real orchestra in front of you. And your evergreen songs too in your jukebox sounds fantastic. Best speaker in the world by far, no matter the price.
kanno8 said…
hi dali,
anyone can tell me where this bose atlas store..i m from jb.
Salvatore_Dali said…
its at The Gardens side 3rd floor I think of Mid Valley in KL.... and there is another inside the Pavillon, Jalan Bukit Bintang... I dont know if they are located anywhere else in the country.
Buaya69 said…
wahceh, you just racun'd me! Will take a look at the smaller one and then decide which speakers. but need loads of self control. nanti ter-beli the wave radio pulak, heh!
bleeding gums said…
to be honest, you can do a lot better with something else.

bose to me (and many audiophiles) have always been over-priced, over-hyped products.

if you want much better value, there's lots to choose from.

i've been building/selling audio gears since 2002 through a mainly online presence. so i'm not just talking nonsense.

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