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Food Treasures & Nuggets

Its Budget Day, so nothing much to talk about until after the reveal. So, I think I will do something fun. There are certain dishes/food items in selected restaurants which in itself is enough reason to visit them frequently. Here are the food nuggets, feel free to add to them:

Truffle Oil Pasta with Seared Foie Gras, at Chalet Suisse in Ampang. Hope its still below RM50, still the best single dish under RM50 in KL to me.

Oxtail Pasta served with Chilli Padi tapenade, at Cava@Bangsar, Jalan Bangkung. The meat comes off the bone and the chilli padi tapenade (for want of a better word) is exhilarating.

3) Almond Tong-Sui Powder Mix, at Restaurant Ipoh Old Town, Lucky Garden. This is not the Old Town chain, its a stand alone restaurant. The almond powder is done in Ipoh, no preservatives. Just add hot water, it taste like the freshest made almond tong-sui. Comfort food.

Grilled NZ lamb cutlets, at Max Kitchen, Tengkat Tong Shin. Slathered with freshly made but warm mint sauce. Its a simple dish but the pre grilling and timing in and out of the oven gives it a brilliant crispy texture and great juicy lamb in the middle.

Grilled lamb / Grilled fish with great home made chilli paste, at Hing Ket Grill House. Very hard to find but jam packed after 7pm every night. Ask someone who has been there to locate the place: Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4 Kampung Jawa, Klang.

Over-The-Top Nasi Lemak, at Kopi Time @ Wisma Atria. Even better than the luxe version at Madam Kwan, sambal has got great oomph and depth.

7) I don't know what to call this, but I am there almost every evening when I am back in Ipoh.
Yellow Tumeric Ginger Rice with very excellent curries available. The lady only comes at around 6pm and the whole thing finishes by 8pm. Its the old Umbrella Square in Canning Garden, the middle store - nyonya style, and she also serves great pandan rice as an alternative.

8) Possibly the
best nyonya cakes/desserts around. Pricey. Forgot the name. Its located in the food court area of the Gardens section in Mid Valley. Its the shop next to CIMB Bank as you come up from the premium car park space. Authentic and fresh ingredients... but pricey.

9) I think its very safe to say this place serves the best fried chicken,
Restoran Ayam Kampung Bandaraya, at Jalan Tun HS Lee/Lebuh Ampang. Its also the most expensive piece of chicken with the seemingly little meat. Its very crispy and the marinade is a secret, goes exceptionally well with their sour chilli homemade sauce. I did manage to extract some information from the owners, they soak the chicken in milk overnight, and thats as far as I got. But bloody hell, its nearly RM5 for a piece, be warned.

10) Hands down winner for
best chips in town, at King Pie outlets. The pepper steak pie is also not bad.

11) The
Chinese Homemade Sausages with sweet chilli sauce dip, at The Rib Shop (next to Vintry) at Jalan Kasah, Bukit Damansara, behind Victoria Station. The roast pork is pretty good too.

Roast pork at Uncle Ho is pretty exceptional as well.

13) Best
basic nasi lemak for RM1.50 at this small bakery @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. Its next to Bernard's. I think its called Pandora or Panorama. They only have about 30-40 packets, its the sambal, the pandan and the rice. Very basic but sells out by 3pm everyday.

p/s photos: Yu In Yeong


HollyS said…

You also have to try this nasi lemak store located in Kampung Baru, called Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa - the store opens only at 7pm and sell through till the morning. The ayam goreng is superbly fried and the sambal sotong is execellent with almost perfectly hot sambal. Its located about 100meters on the left coming in from the Kampung Baru "Arch" - its a one way street and you can't miss the consistent long queue
Leong said…

You mentioned lamb twice, and maybe its worth mentioning one other place, Cava (you've been there) serves juicy tender cutlets as well. However the portions are slightly small. Otherwise, try the lamb cutlets in Cafe Cafe (located on Jln Maharajelela), a small unassuming shopfront. But once you get inside, the ambience takes you away....Cafe Cafe serves decent French will definitely impress you date =)
Richard Cranium said…
13) Best basic nasi lemak for RM1.50 at this small bakery @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. Its next to Bernard's. I think its called Pandora or Panorama. They only have about 30-40 packets, its the sambal, the pandan and the rice. Very basic but sells out by 3pm everyday.
Hombre, its called Panadero (=bakery in spanish). And if you can pass yourself off as a senior citizen, you can get a discount as well.
basha said…
Have never liked nasi lemak a'bangsa, but if you go down 20 metres further from a'bangsa there's an outlet called nasi lemak mak wanjor. try it...

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